Desktop Air Conditioning Cooler Fan|Chiller|Purifier|Bedroom|Study|Office|Ice

- Mini air cooler suitable for any room in your home or can be used in the office or even in the car ! - Completely portable and includes integrated carry handle - 3 speeds, select your desired air flow with a touch of a button - Two button simple operation, one button for powering the device and one button to select the airflow speed - Just add chilled water or water with ice cubes, and you'll get chilled air which will keep you cool throughout the day - Multi-directional - you can select the direction of the air flow - Quiet mode for use at night, it operates at a whisper quiet speed, so it won't disturb your sleep - Includes water level indicator to ensure you don't overfill it, and you can keep it topped up (500ML tank) - Running time .