10 Pack 500ML Dehumidifier Condensation Remover Moisture Absorber Damp Mould

REMOVE DAMPNESS AND HUMIDITY NATURALLY FROM ANY ROOM: Our interior dehumidifiers are specifically designed to remove dampness and humidity from the air naturally, quickly and constantly leaving your room. ULTRA EFFECTIVE IN REMOVING DAMPNESS IN THE AIR: Our disposable dehumidifier tubs are filled with naturally occurring hydrophilic crystals which absorb moisture from the air constantly. The dehumidifier will help against condensation, dampness in rooms, mould, mildew, allergens in the air and it will also neutralise odours in the air making your room feel fresh and clean. If you get condensation on your windows, these tubs will reduce this significantly. SAY GOODBYE TO MOISTURE AND MOULD: These specially formulated dehumidifier tubs are idea for most rooms including kitchens, .