Casino Party Glasses Drinking Game Spin & Shot Drink Roulette Wheel Adults 18+

Spin the wheel take a chance take a shot. Shot roulette Bring Las Vegas home to your next party with the Roulette Shot Glass Game. This is an authentic working casino-style roulette wheel made of durable high impact plastic. It features an attractive, working 5-3/8 inch gold-tone wheel. The set comes with sixteen shot glasses, each shot glass is labelled by number and colour. When the ball lands on your number, you get to drink! A fun addition to any poker or casino party. Features: 1 roulette wheel, 16 shot glasses and 2 balls For 2 to 8 players Suitable for 18+ years Shot Glass Size: 5cm x 4cm With a toss of a coin decide the first player to start then take it in turn moving clockwise. The first player spins the wheel and gently drops the ball on the spinning wheel.