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  1. AS-PL Generator VOLVO,RENAULT TRUCKS A5293 A003TA8791,A004TA8191,A004TA8591 Alternator A3TA8791,A4TA8191,A4TA8591,5001868231,5010589136,5010589137

    Length 1 [mm]: 83,00; Length 2 [mm]: 57,00; Voltage [V]: 24; Alternator Charge Current [A]: 100; Engine Code: DXi7; VOLVO: FE II,FL III; RENAULT TRUCKS: Premium 2; A003TA8791, A004TA8191, A004TA8591, A3TA8791, A4TA8191, A4TA8591, 5001868231,...

  2. RIDEX Generator HYUNDAI,KIA 4G0530 Alternator

    Length 1 [mm]: 51,00; Length 2 [mm]: 20,00; Length 3 [mm]: 38,00; Voltage [V]: 12; Alternator Charge Current [A]: 150; Construction year to: 12/2012; HYUNDAI: ix35 LM, EL, ELH,SANTA FÉ II CM,SANTA FÉ III DM,GRAND SANTA FÉ; KIA: SPORTAGE SL,SORENTO II...

  3. FEBEST Wheel Hub HYUNDAI,KIA 1282-LANR 527102D000,527102D010,527102D015 527102D025

    Fitting Position: Rear Axle left and right; Weight [kg]: 2,385; Packaging length [cm]: 14,2; Packaging width [cm]: 14,2; Packaging height [cm]: 9,0; Construction year from: 03/2000; HYUNDAI: MATRIX FC,ELANTRA XD,ELANTRA Stufenheck XD,LANTRA II J-2;...

  4. FEBEST Tripod Hub, propshaft HYUNDAI,KIA,MITSUBISHI 1216-EFMT 4950538E00,MN171194

    Weight [kg]: 0,469; Packaging length [cm]: 6,0; Packaging width [cm]: 5,5; Packaging height [cm]: 3,6; Construction year to: 03/2005; HYUNDAI: TUCSON JM,i40 CW VF,SANTA FÉ I SM,TRAJET FO,SONATA V NF,SONATA IV EF,i40 VF,SONATA VI YF,GRANDEUR HG; KIA:...

  5. 3M Multi Sizes Double Sided Tape Automotive Truck Auto Acrylic Adhesive Car Foam

    3M ACRYLIC FOAM. DOUBLE SIDED. Strong adhesion to automotive substrates. Weather and car wash resistant.


  6. ALANKO Generator CHEVROLET,DAEWOO 10443611 2655476,2655866,96404263 Alternator 96652100,A0002655476,A0002655866,96404263,96652100

    Voltage [V]: 12; Alternator Charge Current [A]: 80; Belt Pulley Ø [mm]: 52; Number of ribs: 4; Plug Type ID: B+(M6),L,R, B+(M6)/L/R; Rotation Direction: Clockwise rotation; Quantity Unit: Piece; New Part: ; CHEVROLET: AVEO Schrägheck T250, T255,AVEO...

  7. AS-PL Generator RENAULT TRUCKS A0307 1516474R,5001306801,5001760274 Alternator 5001838198,5001859216,5001860274,5006143948,5010306007,5010306801

    Length 2 [mm]: 27,00; Length 3 [mm]: 72,00; Voltage [V]: 24; Alternator Charge Current [A]: 80; Construction year to: 03/2001; RENAULT TRUCKS: Agora,Ares,Iliade,Maxter,Midliner,Midlum,Premium; 1516474R, 5001306801, 5001760274, 5001838198, 5001859216,...

  8. ASHIKA Wheel Hub CHRYSLER,DODGE 44-29019 4616477,4616477AD

    Overall Height [mm]: 71; Inner diameter [mm]: 28; Outer diameter [mm]: 66; Number of mounting bores: 5; Mounting bores distance [mm]: 59; Fitting Position: Hinterachse; CHRYSLER: SEBRING Cabriolet JR,SEBRING JR,CIRRUS; DODGE: STRATUS; 4616477, 4616477AD

  9. FEBEST Wheel Hub HYUNDAI,KIA 2282-SPORR 527301D400,527303S200

    Fitting Position: Rear Axle left and right; Weight [kg]: 3,62; Quantity: 1; Supplementary Article/Info 2: with ABS sensor ring; Packaging length [cm]: 14,8; Packaging width [cm]: 14,8; Packaging height [cm]: 13,8; Construction year from: 08/2009;...

  10. 3M Multi Sizes Automotive Truck Auto Acrylic Double Sided Adhesive Car Tape Best

    3M ™ AUTO ACRYLIC FOAM. DOUBLE SIDED. This is a Genuine 3M ™ P roduct. Colour: Grey. Pressure on the adhesive and the surface can help improve bond strength;. After application, the bond strength will increase as the adhesive flows onto the.


  11. FEBEST Wheel Hub HONDA,ACURA 0382-YF4MF 44300STXA01

    Fitting Position: Front axle both sides; Weight [kg]: 4,675; Packaging length [cm]: 15,2; Packaging width [cm]: 15,2; Packaging height [cm]: 11,9; Construction year from: 01/2009; HONDA: PILOT YF3 YF4; ACURA: MDX YD2; 44300STXA01

  12. ASHIKA Wheel Hub HYUNDAI,KIA 44-20518 5273039000,5273039011,5273039012 5273039013

    Outer diameter [mm]: 66; Overall Height [mm]: 113; Number of mounting bores: 5; Mounting bores distance [mm]: 68; Number of Teeth, ABS ring: 47; Fitting Position: Hinterachse; HYUNDAI: XG XG; KIA: MAGENTIS MG; 5273039000, 5273039011, 5273039012,...

  13. RIDEX Generator HYUNDAI,KIA,VOLVO 4G0201 3730038310,A003TA5491,A003TB0291 Alternator A003TB4191,A3TA5491,A3TA5492,A3TA7791,A3TA7791K1,A3TB0291,8602002

    Alternator Charge Current [A]: 100; Voltage [V]: 12; Pulleys: V-Ribbed Belt Pulley; Number of grooves: 4; Service exchange part: ; Construction year from: 05/1997; HYUNDAI: SONATA IV EF,HIGHWAY VAN; KIA: MAGENTIS GD; VOLVO: V40 Kombi VW,S40 I VS;...

  14. ALANKO Generator SCANIA,RENAULT TRUCKS 10443259 A004TR5491,A004TR5491A,A004TR5491AM Alternator A004TR5491AT,A004TR5491ZT,A004TR5591,A004TR5591ZT

    Voltage [V]: 24; Alternator Charge Current [A]: 100; Number of mounting bores: 4; Number of Thread Bores: 0; Belt Pulley Ø [mm]: 72; Number of ribs: 8; Pulleys: V-Ribbed Belt Pulley; Plug Type ID: W-L-15-S-DFM, beidseitig abge.; Quantity Unit: Piece;...

  15. Flexible Hose Clamp Clip Plier Set Swivel Jaw Flat Angled Band Automotive Tool

    1 x swivel jaw spring wire clip plier. 1 x swivel jaw band cliper plier. 1 x hose remover plier. Using the clamp on the end of a flexible cable allows for extended reach where other models cannot reach.


  16. AS-PL Generator VOLVO,RENAULT TRUCKS A3061 Alternator

    Length 2 [mm]: 50,50; Voltage [V]: 24; Alternator Charge Current [A]: 55; Construction year to: 12/1996; VOLVO: B 12,F 6,F 7,FL,FL 4,FL 6,FS 7,N 10; RENAULT TRUCKS: C; Alternator

  17. ROTOVIS Automotive Electrics Generator HYUNDAI,KIA 9090541 3730037800 Alternator

    Alternator Charge Current [A]: 120; Voltage [V]: 14; Number of ribs: 6; Belt Pulley Ø [mm]: 58; Construction year from: 09/2004; HYUNDAI: TUCSON JM,SANTA FÉ I SM,COUPE GK,TRAJET FO,SONATA IV EF; KIA: SPORTAGE JE_, KM_; 3730037800; Alternator

  18. FEBEST Wheel Hub CHRYSLER,DODGE 2082-CALMR 04766719AA,04766719AB,05105719AB 4766719AA,4766719AB,5105719AB

    Fitting Position: Rear Axle left and right; Weight [kg]: 3,375; Packaging length [cm]: 14,0; Packaging width [cm]: 14,0; Packaging height [cm]: 12,5; Model year from: 2007; CHRYSLER: SEBRING JS,SEBRING Cabriolet JS; DODGE: CALIBER,AVENGER; 04766719AA,...

  19. TRUCKTEC AUTOMOTIVE Moldings MERCEDES-BENZ 02.52.132 1236903380,A1236903380 Door Moldings,Trim-/Protection Strip, door

    For OE number: 123 690 3380; Fitting Position: Lower, Left Front; MERCEDES-BENZ: Stufenheck W123,KOMBI Kombi S123; 1236903380, A1236903380; Door Moldings,Trim-/Protection Strip, door

  20. US PRO Automotive Relay Tester Car Tester Tool Relays Battery etc 6794

    US PRO Automotive Relay Tester Car Tester Tool Relays Battery etc 6794. Condition is New. Dispatched with Other 48h Courier.


  21. VAN WEZEL Moldings OPEL 3781424 13113507,5171182 Door Moldings,Trim-/Protection Strip, door

    Fitting Position: Right Front; Surface: Primed; Paired article numbers: 3781423; OPEL: MERIVA; 13113507, 5171182; Door Moldings,Trim-/Protection Strip, door

  22. EUROTEC Generator HYUNDAI,KIA 12060857 3730022650,3730023600 Alternator

    Voltage [V]: 14; Alternator Charge Current [A]: 90; Number of ribs: 4; Belt Pulley Ø [mm]: 58; Pulleys: with v-ribbed belt pulley; Construction year from: 08/2002; HYUNDAI: i30 FD,GETZ TB,i30 CW FD,MATRIX FC,COUPE GK,TRAJET FO,ACCENT II LC,ACCENT III...

  23. BTA Wheel Hub CHRYSLER,DODGE,PLYMOUTH H1Y021BTA 4340326,4443485,4504039 4641196,4641732,5241068

    Fitting Position: Front Axle; Rim Size [in]: 15; CHRYSLER: VOYAGER II ES,VOYAGER I AS; DODGE: ; PLYMOUTH: ; 4340326, 4443485, 4504039, 4641196, 4641732, 5241068

  24. JOHNS Headlights VOLVO 90 06 09-4 30864579 Headlamp,Headlight

    Fitting Position: Left; Bulb Type: H7/H7; Vehicle Equipment: for vehicles with headlamp levelling (electric); Supplementary Article/Info 2: without motor for headlamp levelling; Diffusing Lens Type: Clear diffusing lens; Frame Colour: Chrome; Number of...


    The cable features flexible plain annealed copper conductors and a circular high temperature PVC outer sheath. UL & CSA approved also to BS6231. BS EN 50525-2-31. BASEC approved cable available, request on order if required.


  26. A.B.S. Wheel Hub CHEVROLET,DAEWOO 201176

    Outer diameter 1 [mm]: 139,0; Height 1 [mm]: 85,0; Rim Hole Number: 4; Weight [kg]: 0,36; Fitting Position: Hinterachse; CHEVROLET: EPICA KL1_,LACETTI J200,LACETTI Kombi J200,LACETTI Stufenheck; DAEWOO: LACETTI Stufenheck J200,TOSCA

  27. DIEDERICHS Rear Door FORD 9222352

    Repair Panel: Repair Panel; Panel Type: Floor Panel; Section: Inner Section; Fitting Position: Right; FORD: TRANSIT MK-5 Bus E_ _,TRANSIT Kasten T_ _,TRANSIT Bus T_ _,TRANSIT Bus MK-4 E_ _,TRANSIT MK-5 Kasten E_ _,TRANSIT MK-4 Kasten E_ _,TRANSIT...

  28. EUROTEC Generator RENAULT,RENAULT TRUCKS 12040030 542063,6025007592,7700796914 Alternator 7701351764,7701499441

    Voltage [V]: 14; Alternator Charge Current [A]: 105; Number of ribs: 6; Belt Pulley Ø [mm]: 55; Pulleys: with v-ribbed belt pulley; Construction year from: 10/1986; RENAULT: ESPACE II J/S63_,ESPACE I J11_,21 Stufenheck L48_,25 B29_,21 Kombi K48_,21...

  29. EUROTEC Generator HYUNDAI,KIA 12060975 3730025201,3730025301,3730025310 Alternator 021319131

    Voltage [V]: 14; Alternator Charge Current [A]: 110; HYUNDAI: ix35 LM, EL, ELH,TUCSON JM,SONATA V NF; KIA: SPORTAGE SL,CARENS III UN,MAGENTIS MG; 3730025201, 3730025301, 3730025310, 021319131; Alternator

  30. 13 Core Multi Core 12V 24V Cable Wire Trailer Caravan Automotive & Marine

    This cable is the recognised standard of cable for the new 13 pin sockets. THIN WALL 13 CORE AUTO CABLES (ROUND). Cable construction. Working temperature range -15°C to +70°C.


  31. THERMOTEC Radiator JEEP,CHRYSLER,DODGE D7Y074TT 05191249AA,5191249AA,5191249AA 5191249AA

    Core Dimensions: 700-397-16; Vehicle Equipment: for vehicles with/without air conditioning; Core Length [mm]: 398; Core Width [mm]: 700; Core Depth [mm]: 16; JEEP: COMPASS MK49,PATRIOT MK74; CHRYSLER: SEBRING JS,SEBRING Cabriolet JS; DODGE:...

  32. HITACHI Rectifier, alternator RENAULT TRUCKS 139672 11994491,1696944,593309 872383,873817

    Supplementary Article/Info 2: with condensor, with diode; Manufacturer Restriction: OE VALEO PARIS RHONE; Diameter [mm]: 115; Rated Current [A]: 50; Version: Leistungsdioden; Product line: Hueco; RENAULT TRUCKS: Kerax,Magnum,Premium; 11994491, 1696944,...

  33. VAN WEZEL Rear Door FORD 1896149

    Fitting Position: Lower Left; Panel Type: Connecting Panel; Section: Outer section; Machined: with hole(s) for licence plate light; Repair Panel: Repair Panel; FORD: TRANSIT MK-5 Bus E_ _,TRANSIT Kasten T_ _,TRANSIT Bus T_ _,TRANSIT Bus MK-4 E_...

  34. VAN WEZEL Rear Door FORD 1896150

    Fitting Position: Right Rear; Panel Type: Connecting Panel; Section: Outer section; Repair Panel: Repair Panel; FORD: TRANSIT MK-5 Bus E_ _,TRANSIT Kasten T_ _,TRANSIT Bus T_ _,TRANSIT Bus MK-4 E_ _,TRANSIT MK-5 Kasten E_ _,TRANSIT MK-4 Kasten E_...

  35. Automotive Cable Sleeving Flexible PVC Black Car Wire Loom Wiring Harness Tubing

    PVC Sleeving suitable for Car wiring Harness and electrical wiring. This is sleeving it is NOT wire. Has a thin wall that is ideal for insulating wires in areas where space is a premium. Self-extinguishing in 30 seconds.


  36. VAN WEZEL Rear Door MERCEDES-BENZ 3071150

    Fitting Position: Right, Outer; Panel Type: Floor Panel; Section: Lower Section; Repair Panel: Repair Panel; Wide version: ; MERCEDES-BENZ: T1 Bus 601,T1 Kasten 602,T1 Kasten 601,T1 Bus 602

  37. MOTUL Engine Oil VW,AUDI,MERCEDES-BENZ 102870

    Content [litre]: 5; Oil: Synthetic Oil; Manufacturer Approval: PSA B71 2296, GM LL-B-025, MB 229.5, BMW Longlife-01, Porsche A40, VW 502 00, Renault RN0710, Fiat 9.55535-H2, Fiat 9.55535-M2, Fiat 9.55535-N2, Renault RN0700, VW 505 00; Oil Viscosity...


    Packing Type: Canister; Content [litre]: 4; Oil Viscosity Classification SAE: 10W-40; Specification: ACEA A3, API SL, ACEA B4, API CF; Manufacturer Approval: BMW Longlife-01, MB 229.5, Porsche A40; Oil: Part Synthetic Oil; Product line: МoS2; Version:...


    Content [litre]: 4; Packing Type: Canister; Specification: ACEA C3, API SN, API CF; Manufacturer Approval: MB 229.52, MB 229.31, dexos2, VW 502 00, VW 505 01, MB 229.51, VW 505 00; Oil Viscosity Classification SAE: 5W-30; Oil: Synthetic Oil; Product...

  40. 5 Pack In Line Standard Blade Fuse Holder Splash Proof 12V 30A Car Automotive UK

    Maximum Current: 30A. 5 x In Line Mini Blade Fuse Holder. 120mm 12AWG wire each side of the holder. Holding Current:20A. Length: Line 24cm. Application: for Car.


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