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  1. 70' Freestanding Punching Bag 220LBS Heavy Boxing Bag w/ Gloves Kickboxing Bag

    Home and Living > Sport & leisure > Gym equipment > Fitness equipment COSTWAY, Are you looking for a coordination point to release stress from heavy workload? This freestanding punching bag offers you a professional and impressive boxing experience....

    Mano Mano UK

  2. vidaXL Box Stand 2 Way

    This boxing stand can help improve punching, speed and co-ordination, allowing users to practice and develop punching and kicking techniques. This boxing stand comes complete with the combination of the steel frame, the punching bag, the speedball and...

  3. Boxing Groin Guard Fight Box Protector Kick MMA Training Martial Arts S/M/L/XL

    MaxStrength Elasticated Groin Guard is made from elasticated poly cotton material which is Ultra Light breathable material for comfortable fit. Non Roll elastic waistband for easy fit. Soft and Comfortable waistband inner linning material.


  4. Avento Junior Reflex Punching Ball Set Black/Red 41BE

    The Avento Junior Reflex Punching ball set 41BE will help develop hand/eye coordination and dexterity and keep your young ones in shape. This model has a bar that is adjustable in height from 80 to 120 cm and a base that can be filled with water or...

  5. Avento Punching Ball Reflex Black

    With this Reflex punching ball from Avento, train yourself physically and mentally and even surpass your own expectations! The boxing trainer stand is perfect for training to your heart's content. The stand has a boxing ball made of moulded, resilient...

  6. Boxing Gel Gloves Hand wraps Punch Bag Inner Glove MMA Martial Arts Gear

    They protect your hands, support your wrist and allow you to punch with greater force whether you are sparring or training. Gel integrated aero foam padded inner gloves. Made of breathable cotton polyester material with thumb hole and stitched fingers with Long Wrap around cotton bandage with Velcro closing.


  7. Freestanding 2-in-1 Boxing Training Frame or Single Speedball

    Material: A solid steel structure keeps both items stable and steady as you train. Dimensions: 2-in-1 Training Frame - 104cm (W) x 156cm (D) x 202cm (H), Single Speedball - 60cm (W) x 73cm (D) x 80cm (H). Boxing equipment: Improve your home gym with...


  8. HOMCOM Free-Standing Speed Bag Boxing Platform

    HOMCOM Free-Standing Speed Bag Boxing Platform : Help improve your fitness today! Stress Relief : Regular exercise has been known to help reduce stress. Adjustable: Prevent injury by adjusting the speed bag to the correct level for your height. Skill:...


  9. Martial Arts Floor Mats 20mm 40mm Thick Karate Judo Kick Boxing Gym MMA Easimat

    Martial Arts. A choice of 20mm (3/4") thick or 40mm ( 1 5/8”) giving great comfort. Mats interlock but are also supplied with 2 straight edges per mat for that perfect finish. These mats are designed and made specifically for higher impact sports and recreation.


  10. Avento Push-up Board Foldable

    The Avento foldable push-up board is an innovative exercise equipment set for a complete home training. It has never been easier to train different muscle groups with 12 different push-up options! The 4 colours on the board represent 4 different muscle...

  11. Mouth Guard Boxing Gum Shield Teeth Protection MMA Martial Arts Rugby Kids/Adult

    This gum shield is made from 100% latex-free EVA. This mouth guard provides exceptional protection for the teeth and gums when equipped, reducing the odds of you chipping a tooth or cutting your gums, without impacting your breathing.


  12. Heavy Duty 3 Bar Leg Stretcher Martial Arts Training Boxing Stretching Machine

    Boxing Gloves. Weighted Vest. Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Isle of Man, Isle of Wight, All Channel Islands, All Scottish Islands. Leg Stretcher. Weight Training Belts. Introducing the MaxStrength leg stretcher, designed to help you achieve your splits and increase flexibility.


  13. Groin Guard Boxing Martial Arts Cup MMA Abdo Protector Muay Thai Kickboxing

    Groin Guard: A groin guard that won’t weigh you down. Shell Shock GEL™ removable cup for protection and shock dissipation. Elasticated jock strap design and wide belt for a snug and comfortable fit. Unique foam layer for enhanced padding and resistance against blows.


  14. BRITX Mouth Guard Boxing Gum Shield Teeth Protection MMA ,RUGBY Senior-Junior

    BRITX 2 Layer Boil and Bite Single Gum Shield With box/case. ideal for paratrooper, Boxing judo, grapple, free combat, ice hockey, rugby football. Bring water to a boil. does not affect the protective effect of teeth during strenuous exercise.


  15. Boxing Gum Shield MMA Martial Arts Mouth Guard Teeth Protection Junior - Senior

    Shin Instep. BOXING GUM SHIELDS. MMA Gloves. Mouth Guard Gum Shield. BOXING GEAR. Boxing Gloves. Single sided gum shield. Kids Boxing Gloves.


  16. EVO Muay Thai Fight Shorts MMA Kick Boxing Grappling Martial Arts Gear UFC Men H

    Boxing Deals. Anotomic Cut at Thai area allows perfect Moveability and strength duing high kicks. Bike Riding Deals. Professional 4" elasticated waist bands with overall Durable T3 stitchings.


  17. EVO Men Boxing Fight Shorts MMA Kick Boxing Martial Arts Gear Muay Thai UFC H

    EVO Maya Leather GEL Boxing Gloves MMA Punch Bag Sparring Muay Thai Fight Train. EVO MMA Boxing Gloves Focus Pads Set Muay Thai Martial Arts UFC PRO Training Bag. EVO Boxing Gloves Matte Black Punch Bag MMA Sparring Training Fighting Gloves.


  18. Gum Shield Rugby Boxing Mouth Guard MMA Sports Martial Arts Teeth Protection

    Mouth guard reach to rear molars for full tooth protection. Comfortably fits the surface of the teeth. Multiple colour options available. Soft, convertible, easy to wear.


  19. RDX Groin Guard Boxing Martial Arts Cup MMA Abdo Protector Muay Thai Kickboxing

    GROIN GUARD. Use RDX Groin Guard to train and compete in Boxing, MMA, Muay Thai and other similar sports. MUAY THAI SHORTS. I didn't win my fight and spent quite a while in A+E with this on, all the while in almost comfort, so it's not bad.


  20. RDX Shin Guards Muay Thai Leg Instep Protector MMA Kickboxing Martial Arts Pads

    The design precisely protects the most vulnerable parts of the leg mainly the Shinbone. Made with lightweight and shock absorbing material that effectively minimizes the impact and ensures your shin bone protection.



    More suited and comfortable for the serious fighter than the standard cotton herringbone type. Ideal for use with your muay thai, kickboxing, boxing, MMA or martial arts training. They can be washed by hand and washing machine.


  22. Greenhill Castle Head Guard Boxing Martial Arts Helmet Safety Face Protection

    It effectively protects head against cuts, scrapes, and swelling. Safety and protection is the first priority before selecting boxing head guard for amateur boxer. Incorrect head gear as well as unprotected head may leads to serious injury.


  23. adidas Gum Shield OPRO Snap-Fit Gen4 Martial Arts Mouth Guard Boxing Kids Adults

    Adidas OPRO Snap-Fit Gen4 Gumshield. adidas logo is now shiny silver. Available in kids and adults. Junior size is suitable for up to 11 years of age. Instant fit and comfort.


  24. Martial Arts Karate Judo Kick Boxing Gym MMA 20mm 40mm Thick Floor Mats Easimat

    Martial Arts. A choice of 20mm (3/4") thick or 40mm ( 1 5/8”) giving great comfort. Mats interlock but are also supplied with 2 straight edges per mat for that perfect finish. These mats are designed and made specifically for higher impact sports and recreation.


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