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  1. Cold Pressed Extra Virgin English Rapeseed Oil by Fussels

    We enjoy every minute of the nurturing process of our single cold pressed extra virgin rapeseed oil, from seed to bottle. It has half the saturated fat. Compared to olive oil…….


  2. Bloc De Foie Gras De Canard 200g. Luxury Gourmet Food

    It is a smooth and rich block of foie gras, which is made from the liver of specially fattened ducks. The process of creating Bloc de Foie Gras de Canard involves carefully deveining and seasoning the duck liver before it is cooked and then finely pureed.


  3. 6 Pcs Canned Food Clear Container with Lid Salad Ice Cream Bowl Cover

    2 Pcs Kitchen Sink Cleaning Brush Head Brushes Cooktop Wooden. 2 Pcs Canned Food Candy Jars with Lids Salad Ice Cream Bowl Biscuit. It can be used for microwave oven, oven,cabinet, etc. Manufactured with premium tempered glass material, practical and enough to use.


  4. Ultra-Processed People: Why Do We All Eat Stuff That Isn’t Food … and Why Can’t

    So this is a book about our rights. The right to know what we eat and what it does to our bodies and the right to good, affordable food. 'A devastating, witty and scholarly destruction of the shit food we eat and why' Adam Rutherford.


  5. Harrington Adult Wet Dog Food Complete Grain Free Turkey with Veg 12 x 400g Cans

    Harrington Grain Free Hypoallergenic Wet Dog Food Cans 12x400g - Turkey with Veg - Made with All Natural Ingredients. GRAIN FREE - Harrington wet dog food is a complete grain-free dog food providing balanced nutrition for all dogs age 8 weeks and above.


  6. Naturo Natural Pet Food Variety Pack Adult Dog 12 x 390g

    Give your Adult Dog a variety of Grain and Gluten Free Wet Dog Food choices with either 50% Chicken, Duck, or Turkey in Herb Gravy. Our Grain Free and Gluten Free Wet Dog Food is specifically made for dogs who have sensitive tummies or intolerances, with ingredients carefully selected to help promote a healthy digestive system and a happy, healthy dog.


  7. Hill's Dog Food Prescription Diet Canine w/d Diabetes Care Chicken 12 Cans 370g

    This dietetic Hill's Prescription Diet Canine w/d Diabetes Care - Chicken wet food hasreduced levels of mono- and disaccharides, which can help to reduce the risk of excessive fluctuations in blood sugar levels.


  8. Pressure Canning Cookbook For Beginners : 1000+ Days of Essential Canned, Jammed, Pickled, and Preserved Recipes to Affordably Stockpile a Lifesaving Supply of Nutritious, Delicious, Shelf-Stable Food

  9. Hill's Prescription Diet r/d Weight Reduction Dog Food 4kg 10kg 12 x 370g

    Hill's nutritionists & veterinarians developed Prescription Diet r/d clinical nutrition specially formulated to support dogs' weight loss. In fact, r/d is clinically proven nutrition for healthy weight loss in just 8 weeks.


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