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  1. 10kg Sphynx Adult Royal Canin Dry Cat Food

    Practically hairless across its entire body, this exotic breed with its Egyptian-inspired name is perhaps the most striking of all the cat breeds. Its slim body combined with its large eyes and prominent ears gives this breed a very special appearance....

  2. 9kg Urinary S/O Moderate Calorie Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Dry Cat Food

    If your cat suffers from lower urinary tract disease you can help by feeding it a diet which provides optimal nutritional support for its urinary system. Urinary tract disease can lead to urinary stones (including struvite and calcium oxalate). Royal...

  3. Natural Sisal Rope Cat Cats Scratching Post Claw Control Toys Crafts Pets Animal

    Sisal is made from the pure sisal plant (Agave Sisalana) is a strong rope that’s especially. ; It’s great for use in tug of war too, with a hairy feel it allows brilliant grip. ; Sizal rope is often used in crafts and furniture making.


  4. 10kg Bengal Royal Canin Dry Cat Food

    The distinctive coat of the Bengal cat has earned it the nickname "the little leopard", with the looks of a wild cat and the temperament of a house cat! This Royal Canin Bengal provides specific natural nutrients to support its beautiful coat, offering...

  5. 9kg Oral Care Cats Concept for Life Dry Cat Food

    Concept for Life Oral Care Cats dry cat food is tailored nutrition that has been scientifically developed specifically to help improve mouth and dental hygiene in adult cats: With Ascophyllum nodosum - a brown algae which contains antibacterial...

  6. Large Cat Tree Tall Cat Tree Multi Level Activity Indoor Centre Cat Furniture

    ★★★ 24-Hour Free Shipping Prime Service ★★★. 【Cat's Activity Center】9 scratching posts encourage positive scratching behavior and meet different preferences. The corrugated sisal ramp and the dangling sisal rope above the ramp give cats another fun place to stretch and scratch. 【Perch with Raised Edge】The top perch with the raised edge is soft and cozy. An elastic band ties a furry ball with a bell on the nest for your cats' fun and excitement. The dangling ball will keep your cat busy and mentally stimulated. This furry elastic ball can be removed if it is not your cat's type. 【Pet-friendly Materials】Crafted of pet-safe CARB P2-compliant particleboard and soft plush fabric covering, the tall cat tree tower will provide your beloved pets with a safe living and playing space.


  7. 3.5kg Indoor +7 Royal Canin Cat Food

    Cats that spend the majority of their time indoors require specially adapted nutrition. The is particularly true of those showing the first signs of ageing. Royal Canin Indoor 7+ Cat has been developed with an exclusive vitality complex. This...

  8. 24x400g Tender Poultry with Lamb Smilla Wet Cat Food

    Smilla Tender Poultry is a high quality complete wet food, and an amazing taste experience for connoisseur cats. Made with carefully selected wholesome ingredients, these delicious recipes combine poultry with other delicious flavours including beef,...

  9. Cat Tree Scratching Post Climbing Activity Centre Cactus Cat Scratcher Large

    Cactus Cat Sratcher-Large. Unique and Cute Design of Cactus Fresh your living room. 3 different height of poles satisfy cat's scratching and stretching. Premium material soft to touch and dangling ball add fun.


  10. 10kg Maine Coon Adult Royal Canin Dry Cat Food

    The Maine Coon combines the distinctive outer appearance of a wild cat with the loving manner of a housecat. Cats of this breed reach an impressive size and can be three times the weight of the average cat, with a strong build. This size and stature...

  11. 10kg Aroma Exigent Royal Canin Dry Cat Food

    For picky cats, which primarily select their food via smell, there's Royal Canin Aroma Exigent cat food with a particularly distinct, natural smell to it. Even for cats, which only eat meat, they still pick out this food first due to the delicious...

  12. CATNIP - Premium Canadian - pure dried cat nip - You won't buy stronger!!!

    This is premium Catnip, we don't believe you can get stronger or better quality! Pure Canadian Catnip. or our Fine Cut Catnip Powder. Catnip induces a harmless euphoric state in cats that lasts 5 to 15 minutes.


  13. 36x370g Chicken in Jelly Mega Pack Bozita Wet Cat Food

    Bozita meaty chunks in jelly is available in eight delicious, traditional Swedish dishes. A complete cat food for all stages of your cat's life - from kitten to adult. Bozita is presented in smart packaging which is safe and easy to handle, open and...

  14. 10kg British Shorthair Adult Royal Canin Dry Cat Food

    The British Shorthair - a cat like no other! This large hunter will captivate you with its elegant facial features, generous nature and calming presence. It has a rounded body shape and muscular stature, with a thick coat that makes this breed...

  15. Catnip cat Sticks 10pcs Natural Matatabi Silvervine Chew Toy Teeth Cleaning

    10pcs Pet Cat Natural Matatabi Silvervine sticks. Material: Natural Silvervine. These Silver Vine Cat Sticks, also known as matatabi, belong to the kiwi tree family and originate from Asia, predominantly in China and Japan.


  16. 10kg Outdoor Royal Canin Dry Cat Food

    For many cats, there is nothing better than racing around like a tiger, climbing trees and hunting prey. Such cats require a specialised diet to meet their nutritional needs and ensure optimum health. Royal Canin Outdoor Cat is specially adapted to...

  17. 10kg Siamese Adult Royal Canin Dry Cat Food

    The Siamese cat is a wonderful, masked and affectionate cat, with specific nutritional needs that can be met by this Royal Canin Siamese Adult dry cat food. The kibble is suitable for cats over the age of 12 months, helping to support a sensitive...

  18. Cat Toy Tissue Paper Grass Mats Green Interactive Kitten Indoor Pet Toys Gift

    2 pack of  crinkly interactive green grass mat toys made from tissue paper that your cat will love! Cats love to hide toys, hunt, play or just sit and rustle! The mats come packed flat so you have to unfold them.


  19. 10kg Long Hair Indoor Royal Canin Dry Cat Food

    Long hair on a cat looks beautiful but requires plenty of care. Royal Canin Indoor Long Hair Cat helps to support indoor cats with their daily coat care. The main problem is the build up of hairballs in the gut from hairs that have been swallowed...

  20. 10kg Savour Exigent Royal Canin Dry Cat Food

    Cats are their own creatures, which can make it complicated to find the ideal food for everyone. This is particularly true for fussier cats! This Royal Canin Exigent Fussy Cats - Savour Sensation contains two different kibble types to help meet the...

  21. Catnip Leaves 28g Treat For Cats Cat Nip 100% Natural

    WORLD OF PETS NATURAL CATNIP LEAVES IN RESEALABLE POUCH 28G. Great for refilling toys or sprinkling over scratch pads. Encourages your cat to scratch on appropriate surfaces. 100% Natural.


  22. 10kg Digestive Care Royal Canin Dry Cat Food

    A sensitive digestive tract can lead to increased levels of gas in your cat's gut, as well as an increased volume of stool. This can all be particularly unpleasant, not just for the cat itself but for its owners as well! Royal Canin Digestive Care is...

  23. 10kg Hairball Care Royal Canin Dry Cat Food

    A cat dedicates around 30% of its day to caring for its fur, removing dirt and any loose hairs. These can then collect in your cat's stomach, either being digested or forming hairballs that are then regurgitated. This vomiting places strain on the...

  24. Cat Tree Scratching Post Climbing Activity Centre Sisal Bed Toys Scratcher Tower

    Cat Scratch Post Sisal has sturdy base with a f string with ball for hours of fun. It is perfect alternative to stop them scratching the carpets and furniture around the home. This will ensure your cat's nail and claw in good health and maintains your cat healthy and alert. Cats need to whet their claws to prevent them from breaking or splitting. The scratch post protect your furniture and carpets from the natural scratching habit of your cat. Suitable for cats of all ages. Cat scratching post with tunnel Size: 20 x 20 x 29cm Diameter of pole: 7cm Weight: 1240g.


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