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  1. 2x6.5kg Duck Wild Hills Adult Wild Freedom Dry Cat Food

    Good News: The proven Wild Freedom Classic recipes are now available in a new design! During the transition phase, your order may contain both old and new design products. Please note: this product has a short best before date. Wild Freedom Wild Hills...

  2. Wood Based Cat Litter Absorbent Cat Litter 30L


  3. 10kg Ragdoll Adult Royal Canin Dry Cat Food

    Cuddly and sociable, the Ragdoll cat originates from America and is named after its playfulness and calm nature, which often displays itself in full relaxation. These beautiful cats have fascinating blue eyes, a mask similar to a Siamese and a long,...

  4. New Natural Sisal Rope Coils, Cats, Garden, Decking, Pets, Cat Scratching Post

    Colour is a light sandy colour. Sisal rope is a good, strong, traditional, natural rope that is resistant to sunlight, this rope is durable and stretches very little. Superior 3 Strand Natural Sisal Rope.


  5. 10kg Long Hair Indoor Royal Canin Dry Cat Food

    Long hair on a cat looks beautiful but requires plenty of care. Royal Canin Indoor Long Hair Cat helps to support indoor cats with their daily coat care. The main problem is the build up of hairballs in the gut from hairs that have been swallowed...

  6. Dark Grey Hooded Cat Litter Tray Box Toilet Loo Charcoal Filter Deep CatCentre®

    MODERN HOODED CAT LITTER TRAY: Dark Grey Bottom & White Top Cat Litter Box - Activated Charcoal Filter Included - Replacement Filters Available SMART DESIGN: Filter Activated Replaceable Charcoal Filter to Reduce Bad Odours - Translucent Flap Door - Maximum Privacy - Spacious Pet Litter Tray PREMIUM QUALITY: Strong Locking Clips on The Side - Deep-Sided Design - Prevents Litter From Scattering - Ventilation Slots - Stylish, Modern Design PORTABLE LITTER TRAY: Removable Hood & Flap - Integrated Handle for Easy Carrying - Rounded Corners - Easy to Clean - Unclip Hood to Cleaning PET SAFE: BPA-Free & Non-Toxic Pet Safe Plastic - Dimensions: Width 38.9 cm - Height 38.7 cm - Length 51 cm - Toilet Suitable for Adult & Larger Cats.


  7. 4kg Kitten Maine Coon Royal Canin Cat Food

    The Maine Coon - the gentle giant. Its impressive physique, shapely muscles and dense, silky coat leave an extraordinary impression of power and energy even at first sight. She is the largest of all purebred cats and seems to sing when she meows - she...

  8. Large Cat Kitten Litter Tray Box High Sided UK Deep Toilet Loo Luxury CatCentre®

    OPEN LITTER BOX: Open Large Cat Litter Tray - Deep High Sided Design - 4 Stunning Colours Available.SMART DESIGN: Lowered Step for Easy Entry & Exit - Indoor Use or Outdoors in Dry Conditions.PET SAFE: BPA-Free & Non-Toxic Materials - Suitable for Adult Cats, Kittens, Rabbits & Small Animals.EASY TO CLEAN: Rounded Corners Prevent Litter Sticking - Strong, Rigid Design - High Rim Prevents Spillages.EXTRA DURABILITY: Dimensions: Length 50cm, Width 38.5cm, Step Height 11.5cm, Side Height 20.5cm.


  9. Slowmoose Creative Warm Dog Cat Puppy Supplies Cat Bed Small

  10. Slowmoose Creative Warm Dog Cat Puppy Supplies Cat Bed Medium

  11. 12kg Metabolic Weight Management Chicken Hill's Prescription Diet Dry Cat Food

    Hill's Prescription Diet Feline Metabolic Weight Management with Chicken is for adult obese cats. This dry food can aid weight loss as well as weight maintenance after weight loss. The scientifically developed nutrient combination was formulated to...

  12. Catnip Leaves 100% Natural Cat Nip Treat Resealable Bag Toy Refill 28g Exercise

    WORLD OF PETS NATURAL CATNIP LEAVES IN RESEALABLE POUCH 28G. Great for refilling toys or sprinkling over scratch pads. Resealable bag for freshness. Encourages your cat to scratch on appropriate surfaces.


  13. Slowmoose Creative Warm Dog Cat Puppy Supplies Cat Bed Small

  14. Slowmoose Creative Warm Dog Cat Puppy Supplies Cat Bed Medium

  15. 10kg Aroma Exigent Royal Canin Dry Cat Food

    For picky cats, which primarily select their food via smell, there's Royal Canin Aroma Exigent cat food with a particularly distinct, natural smell to it. Even for cats, which only eat meat, they still pick out this food first due to the delicious...

  16. Slowmoose Creative Warm Dog Cat Puppy Supplies Cat Bed Small

  17. CATNIP - Premium Canadian Leaf & Bud - pure dried cat nip

    CATNIP CANADIAN LEAF & BUD. Natural catnip imported from Canada. Catnip is not suitable for eating.


  18. 10kg Protein Exigent Royal Canin Dry Cat Food

    Post-ingestion perception is an essential distinguishing factor in what cats choose to eat. For many cats, this feeling is the overriding factor in deciding whether they will choose to eat this food over a prolonged period of time. The more positive...

  19. Slowmoose Creative Warm Dog Cat Puppy Supplies Cat Bed Medium

  20. Cat Pet Toys Feathers Floor Suction cup Bell Teaser

    Feathers Teaser with bell / spring and floor suction cup. Suction cup tip : Soaking the suction cup in warm water for 2 minutes before installation will help it stick better. 1, Clean the sucker with a wet towel 2, clean the glass 3, Stick the suction cup before it dries.


  21. 10kg Sterilised Royal Canin Dry Cat Food

    Prior to sterilisation, the metabolism of your cat self-adjusts to variable energy requirements. Your cat eats only as much as to cover his or her energy demands. After sterilisation however, your cat loses this regulation capability, and eats more...

  22. Slowmoose Creative Warm Dog Cat Puppy Supplies Cat Bed Small

  23. Catnip - Premium natural organic dried cat nip - ideal for toys Exercise Play!!

    Try our new wholesale catnip. Bud & Leaf - The strongest aromatic parts of the Catnip plant, it is organic so purrfect for your Lickle Monsters. Fine cut (tea bag blend) so perfect for making toys, shakers etc..


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