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  1. 24x400g Poultry Classic Meat Menu Feringa Wet Cat Food

    Feringa Classic Meat Menu Saver Pack 24 x 400g at a glance: Complete wet cat food At least two sources of protein 70% meat or fish content with nutritious offal Species-appropriate and grain-free - tasty recipes with delicious combinations Enriched...

  2. 8kg Neutered Satiety Balance Royal Canin Expert Dry Cat Food

    If your cat needs help maintaining an ideal weight, this Royal Canin Expert - Neutered Satiety Balance can be an excellent choice. It is a complete, tailored food ideal for sterilised or castrated cats, with a moderate fat- and calorie content that can...

  3. PawHut Cat Rest & Play Activity Tree w/ 2 House Perch Scratching Post Grey

    Whether your cat is feeling a bit mischievous or sleepy, this luxury cat tree will fulfill their needs. It is covered in soft plush, which makes this tree soft and safe for your pet. It's finished with a large base to keep it upright and in place.


  4. 2x10kg Kitten, Mum Concept for Life Dry Cat Food

    This promotional offer applies only to the listed variants starting with 529626.xx (.xx = variant identifier). Concept for Life complete dry cat food at a glance: Balanced nutrient mix: The recipe contains all the important proteins, fatty acids,...

  5. 24x195g Gastrointestinal Kitten Veterinary Royal Canin Wet Cat Food

    General information: Please seek your vet's advice before using this food or extending the feeding period. When feeding your cat with a veterinary diet you should consult your vet regularly for check-ups. If your cat's health deteriorates please seek...

  6. 11Pcs Cat Anti-Scratch Guard Mat Sofa Protective Cover Scratching Post Furniture

    【MULTI-SCENE APPLICATION】Cat sofa protector can not only be installed on your sofa,but can also be installed on the couch,chair, carpet or love seatmattress,car seats,walls,and carpet. These cat sofa protectors are very strong and hardly noticeable.


  7. 24x156g Tuna with Beef Feline Porta 21 Wet Cat Food

    Natural ingredients and plenty of meat from chicken or tuna provide an irresistible flavour to this Feline Porta 21. The supplementary food is well-accepted and easy to digest, making it ideal even for nutritionally sensitive cats. All of the recipes...

  8. 2x10kg Adult Fish Sterilised Smilla Dry Cat Food

    Smilla Finest Healthy Nutrition Sterilised with Fish was developed to meet the needs of neutered adult cats. Neutered cats experience an increase in appetite, but actually have lower energy requirements, which can lead cats to put on weight very...

  9. Large Cat Tree Activity Centre Scratching Post Cats Climbing Tower Hammock

    It is suitable for cats as an activity center. Everything you need for a happy and healthy cat. Keep the cat tree dry. -Playing rope. Super Flashlight. Bicycle Light. Grow Light. Keep away from fire.


  10. 48x70g Salmon & Carrot Almo Nature Wet Cat Food

    Almo Nature cat food is a supplementary wet cat food rich in fresh meat or fish, with a minimum 70% content of human grade quality. This food is gently prepared and naturally preserved in its own stock, retaining natural proteins and micronutrients....

  11. 48x70g Salmon & Chicken Almo Nature Wet Cat Food

    Almo Nature cat food is a supplementary wet cat food rich in fresh meat or fish, with a minimum 70% content of human grade quality. This food is gently prepared and naturally preserved in its own stock, retaining natural proteins and micronutrients....

  12. Cat Tree Hammock Style Scratch Posts Kitten Activity Centre Pet Scratching Tower

    Your cat will enjoy playing or resting on the comfy platform at the top of this cat tree. Its multi-level design features a high platform above a cozy hammock for your cats to escape the world. The perfect solution to all your cats needs!


  13. 2x4kg Kitten Persian Royal Canin Economy Dry Cat Food

    Please note: This offer is only available with purchase of this item 281385. In the arena of feline nutrition, Royal Canin has always taken into account the parameters which differentiate cats: age, lifestyle, sensitivities. For the past 10 years,...

  14. 24x400g Golden Valley Rabbit & Chicken Wild Freedom Wet Cat Food

    Wild Freedom Premium cat food at a glance: Balanced, complete wet food for adult cats 100% grain-free Excellent source of top quality protein 98% meat, offal and stock Gently prepared Free from artificial preservatives, aromas and colours Lactose and...

  15. Pet Cat Meow Toy Electronic Interactive Undercover Motorised Revolving Toys UK

    1x Cat Toy. Model:Pet Exercise Cat. Works great on carpets and smooth floors. A very nice gift for your cat at all ages. Type: Activity Toy. Product accessories:host 1 nylon cloth 1 funny rod 1. Material:ABS+PP.


  16. 2x10kg Adult Poultry Smilla Dry Cat Food

    Smilla Adult Poultry at a glance: Complete dry food for adult cats With vitamins A and E: for eyesight and skin For effective dental hygiene with special kibble shape and surface With high quality protein: to support organ function With plant fibre: to...

  17. 2x10kg Kitten Chicken IAMS for Vitality Dry Cat Food

    This premium quality IAMS for Vitality Kitten Fresh Chicken Dry Cat Food offers your cat the best possible start in life. As well as a high content of valuable animal protein from chicken and turkey (43%), it also contains special ingredients chosen...

  18. 21pcs Funny Pet Tunnel Cat Play Toys Kitten Stick Mouse Cats Stick Bulk Ball Toy

    Cat Teaser: The feather is about 10cm long, the rope is about 49cm long, and the grip is about 27cm. The plastic handle of the cat teaser stick has a delicate hand feeling, soft chicken feathers, bright colors, and is not easy to break.


  19. 2x10kg Ocean Fish & Chicken IAMS Dry Cat Food

    Now when you stock up on your pet's favourite food, you can save a bundle! Just choose the flavour that meets your pet's needs to start saving. IAMS is a premium cat food with fully charged flavour and a special dental formula. Ideally balanced...

  20. 48x85g Persian Breed Royal Canin Wet Cat Food

    Previously only owned by the rich and privileged, the Persian cat is now a firm favourite amongst all the cat breeds. With its extraordinary coat, round head and gentle, friendly ways, it has earned its popular status and this Royal Canin Breed Persian...

  21. 120 x 85g Whiskas 1+ Mixed Menu Mixed Adult Wet Cat Food Pouches in Jelly

    Made with sustainably sourced ingredients, these cat food pouches contain everything your cat needs to keep them happy and healthy. Each delicious wet cat food recipe is made with 100% high quality ingredients and is formulated to provide 100% of your 1+ cat's daily needs.


  22. 2x10kg Mature 7+ Sterilised Chicken Hill's Science Plan Dry Cat Food

    As sterilised cats age, they end up with an even further reduced energy need, thanks to their decreasing activity levels. Hill's Science Plan Mature Adult Sterilised Chicken can help to support weight management, helping to ease this stage of your...

  23. 8kg c/d Urinary Stress + Metabolic Chicken Hill's Prescription Diet Dry Cat Food

    Many cats suffer from urinary stones or urinary tract inflammation, which can have a number of causes. Stress and being overweight are some of the risk factors for FLUTD (Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease) and urinary tract conditions. This Hill’s...


    PETLICITY SPRINGING CAT TOY ​ FELINE FRIENDLY Petlicity selects soft and durable fabrics to withstand excitable play. The fabric encased spring and plush rounded base will provide protection and resist bites and scratches. The base of the toy is made from a ​ MOUSE IN MOTION The weight of the plush mouse maximises the spring motion once activated. Pull back the spring and release to activate the toy. The spring is made from a sturdy material meaning it will not snap off easily and because its covered with a microfibre fleece cover, your cat will not injure themselves. ​ IMPORTANCE OF PLAY Indulge your cat’s hunter instincts with our springing toy, designed to improve balance and reflexes. The aim of the toy is also to help the cat stretch and whilst playing they can also get their exercise.


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