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  1. 48x85g Ocean Fish Kitten Pouches Hill's Science Plan Wet Food

    This Hill's Science Plan Kitten Pouches has been developed with nutritional science to help support optimum growth. The tender chunks in gravy contain a unique combination of antioxidants, which work together with vitamins to support a healthy immune...

  2. 2x6.5kg Large Adult Chicken & Fish Grain-Free Purizon Dry Cat Food

    Purizon dry cat food takes its inspiration from the natural carnivorous diet of cats in the wild. This top quality, grain-free cat food contains 70% meat and fish, including lots of fresh meat from chickens reared in species appropriate conditions and...

  3. Purina ONE Adult Dry Cat Food Rich in Chicken 6kg,package may vary 6kg

    You could see a visible difference in your cat’s health in just 3 weeks with the Purina ONE 3 week challenge; supporting a healthier digestion, higher energy and vitality levels, healthy skin, brighter eyes and a shinier coat.


  4. 24x82g c/d Urinary Stress Chicken Stew Hill's Prescription Diet Wet Cat Food

    If your cat suffers with urinary tract problems, such as the build up of urinary stones, stress can be a cause. This Hill’s Prescription Diet Feline c/d Urinary Stress Stew - Chicken has been specially developed for such problems, with a recipe that...

  5. 12x85g Jelly Light Concept for Life Wet Cat food

    Concept for Life Light - in Jelly is premium quality, complete wet cat food based on the latest scientific findings and has been specifically developed to meet the needs of adult cats with a tendency to put on weight: Effective weight control: This...

  6. 6-Tier Floor to Ceiling Cat Tree with Scratching Post, Bed, Hammock

    Hammock Size: Φ30 x 12Hcm. - Perch Size (Bottom to Top): 34.5L x 26.5Wcm. Give your furry friends a place of their own with this ceiling-to-floor cat climbing tree. With multiple platforms to choose from, your little ones are bound to have an absolute blast with this easy-to-install cat tree!


  7. Anthracite Grey EcoHȗs Starter Pack PeeWee Cat Litter Tray

    Please note: This product might take a little longer to arrive as it may be shipped from outside the UK. Simple, safe and sustainable: The PeeWee EcoHȗs Hooded Litter Tray is environmentally friendly and offers you and your cat the highest level of...

  8. 24x100g Tuna with Salmon in Jelly Cosma Asia Wet Cat Food Pouches

    Cosma Asia in Jelly Pouches Saver Pack 24 x 100g at a glance: Premium, supplementary wet cat food Made from fresh meat or fish Lightly enriched with rice Species-appropriate nutrition Free from artificial flavours, preservatives and colourings Cosma...

  9. Cat kitten Collar Personalised with Bell Custom Engraved with Name and Phone

    Better leave a space that can put 2 fingers. So your puppy may feel more comfortable. 1 pcs pet collar. ★【Material 】Made of durable nylon with printing pattern, The nylon webbing has smooth sewed edges.


  10. 6x100g Pacific Tuna Cosma Original in Jelly Wet Cat Food Pouches

    Cosma Original Pouches 100g at a glance: Premium supplementary wet cat food Made with lots of meat or fish Single protein: just one source of animal protein Species-appropriate nutrition No artificial preservatives, taste enhancers or colours In...

  11. 2x8kg c/d Urinary Care Stress Ocean Fish Hill's Prescription Diet Dry Cat Food

    Hill's Prescription Diet offers a variety of clinically proven therapeutic foods that can help to treat and reduce the symptoms of a whole range of conditions. They have been shown to reduce symptoms and help improve quality of life and well-being....

  12. Heritage 60cm 24" Tall Cat Kitten Scratch Post With Sturdy Grey Velour Base

    Grey Velour Base.


  13. 2x3kg s/d Urinary Care Chicken Hill's Prescription Diet Dry Cat Food

    Hill's Prescription Diet offers tailored nutrition to help treat and reduce the symptoms of a large number of different conditions that may be affecting your cat. The dry food has been clinically proven to help increase quality of life and lessen...

  14. 6.5kg + 1.5kg Free! Chicken & Fish Adult Grain-Free Purizon Dry Cat Food

    This promotional offer applies only to the listed variants starting with 1388583.xx (.xx = variant identifier). Purizon dry cat food takes its inspiration from the natural carnivorous diet of cats in the wild. This top quality, grain-free cat food...

  15. Breederpack Complete Crunchy Dry Cat Food - 15kg Bag

    A great value adult dry cat food. Perfect for breeders or catteries.


  16. 12x400g Skipjack Tuna in Jelly Cosma Original Wet Cat Food

    Cosma Original 12 x 400g at a glance: Premium, supplementary wet cat food Made from fresh meat or fish From a single protein source Appropriate nutrition Free from artificial flavours, preservatives and colourings Cosma Original is a high-quality wet...

  17. 24x40g Salmon with Courgettes Soup Cosma Wet Cat Food

    Cosma Soups at a glance: Supplementary food for adult cats Great quality – as all Cosma products Very tasty for extra-special enjoyment Made from top quality, natural ingredients No artificial additives Grain-free In single-serving pouches Cosma Soups...

  18. Tall Cat Tree Large Climbing Tower Kitten Scratching Post Condo Activity Centre

    Cat litter: 30 25cm (length height). Cat climbing set 1. Product Type: Scratch Column. Square platform: 30 25cm. Oval platform: 40 30cm. Floor: 40 40cm.


  19. 4kg Anallergenic Cat Veterinary Royal Canin Dry Cat Food

    Perfectly tailored to the needs of nutritionally sensitive pets, Royal Canin Veterinary Cat - Anallergenic is a dietetic dry food specially developed for cats with food intolerances. The special recipe is ideal for encouraging healthy digestion. This...

  20. 6.5kg Adult Duck Feringa Classic Dry Cat Food

    Feringa Adult Classic Duck at a glance: Complete dry food for adult cats Made with fresh duck With vegetables and fruit for a balanced meal Grain-free for a species-appropriate nutrition No artificial colours, aromas or preservatives Made with great...

  21. 50M Cat Scratching Sisal Rope Cat Scratcher Natural Jute Rope for Scratch Posts

    Features: -Made of pure natural high-quality jute, no natural additives, no peculiar smell, safe to use. Biodegradable and will not harm the environment. -It is woven from 12 strands of sisal, so it has good strength and durability, can be reused for a long time. -Suitable for repairing or making scratching post, cat towers, cat scratching pads. Also suitable for decorating houses, offices and making various crafts. -Very convenient to use. You can cut freely according to the length you want.  Specification: Material: natural jute Thickness: 6mm Length: 50m   Package Included: 1x Natural jute rope.


  22. 6x800g Meat Saucer Adult Animonda Carny Wet Cat Food

    Animonda Carny Adult 6 x 800g is a delicious, complete wet cat food. Cats are carnivores, so your cat requires high-quality protein from meat. That's why Animonda Carny wet cat food is made exclusively from carefully-selected, high quality meat. All of...

  23. 6x200g Beef & Venison with Cowberries Carny Adult Animonda Wet Cat Food

    Your cat naturally loves meat, which is why Animonda Carny Adult 6 x 200g is the perfect complete balanced meal for every feline. Each can contains the finest quality meat that undergoes gentle processing to retain natural nutritional value and flavour...

  24. FRONTLINE SPOT ON PLUS CAT DOG Flea Lice Tick Treatment Solutions Kills Fleas

    Use every 4 weeks all year round for optimum flea and tick protection. Fleas and ticks are nasty parasites that can transmit diseases and your pet can pick them up in various places. Kills lice. Kills biting lice.


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