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  1. XLC Brush set TO-CS02 2021 Cleaning Products Set

    Type: Accessories; Operating Range: Frame; Delivery: 1 x frame brush XLC, 1 x tyre brush XLC, 1 x universal brush XLC

  2. Finish Line Starter Kit 1-2-3-The Grunge Brush Combo 2 2021 Cleaners & Polish

    Type: Cleaner; Operating Range: Chain; Delivery: Grunge Brush

  3. Long-Handled Door Stop By Coopers of Stortford

    When a door wont stay open by itself, heres the solution that avoids the bending and stretching involved with door wedges. A 1.5kg doorstop with a smart stainless-steel base that keeps even the heaviest door ajar on carpets and hard floors. Two smart...

    Coopers of Stortford

  4. Waxed Cotton Floor Duster

    This trio loves the dust you hate and the more you use them, the better they'll work! Their secret lies in a baked-on wax finish which coats the soft cotton fibres for quick, easy cleaning without harsh and costly chemicals. Set of 2 hand dusters for...

    Coopers of Stortford

  5. Established Domestic Cleaning Franchise For Sale in The Highlands

    Loyal and established team of cleaning operatives. Good flow of enquiries for both regular & one off cleaning services. Reason for sale. Year on year growth in turnover & profitability.


  6. Rainbow Dusters Set of 3 by Coopers of Stortford

    Ordinary dusters only move dust about. But these electrostatic duster mops have ultra-fine filaments that attract dust making it cling like a magnet. Fast too, they whisk over surfaces, blinds, electronics and even delicate ornaments with ease. In 3...

    Coopers of Stortford

  7. Electric Patio Cleaning Brush By Coopers Of Stortford

    Forget boring, back-breaking outdoor cleaning An indispensable addition to our Victor Tools range, this lightweight, 3-in-1 Electric Patio Cleaning Brush dismisses weeds from patios, algae from paths and dirt from decking and driveways effortlessly...

    Coopers of Stortford

  8. Suction Hooks Chrome 4 Pack by Coopers of Stortford

    Harnessing the powerful combination of friction and vacuum, these handy hooks stick to almost any smooth surface tiles, painted walls, doors, cabinets in kitchen, bathroom or garage. One push and theyre strong enough to hold up to 5kg (thats 5 bags of...

    Coopers of Stortford

  9. Eco Shower Head by Coopers of Stortford

    Replace your existing shower head with our advanced eco version and instantly feel the difference! Special mineral balls filter out impurities and chlorine, softening water for healthier, more-moisturised skin and hair. Water pressure improves, even in...

    Coopers of Stortford

  10. 6 White Centre Feed 2Ply Rolls - Kitchen Cleaning Catering Industrial Domestic

    White Centre Feed Kitchen Roll - 6pk. Kitchen Roll Centre Feed White- 6pk. - Perforated paper rolls for continuous useage and reduced waste. - Suitable for drying hands, wiping machinery, work surfaces, mopping up service fluids and spillages.


  11. Dry Clean Pads 3 Pack by Coopers of Stortford

    When theres something you just cant wash with water or its too big to take down to the cleaners, dry-clean it at home! These non-toxic, chemical-free pads contain a soft, grit-free powder that absorbs dirt, dust and grime like magic. Simply squeeze,...

    Coopers of Stortford

  12. Storage Drawers Aqua By Coopers Of Stortford

    When space is at a premium, double it with this narrow, 2-tier organiser. Ideal in kitchen cupboards, bathroom cabinets or bedroom wardrobes. Tidy away bottles, sprays, make-up, tins, jars, spices and more. Youll always be able to see and reach them in...

    Coopers of Stortford

  13. Rowing Machine by Coopers of Stortford

    If you want a great workout for arms, legs, back and core that wont jolt joints or crowd living space, look no further than this outstanding rowing machine. Challenge yourself with 12-levels of resistance and stay motivated by viewing the strokes,...

    Coopers of Stortford

  14. Chemical-Free Toilet Descaler by Coopers of Stortford

    No nasty chemicals and no need to scrub. This remarkable cartridge uses magnets to help loosen and prevent lime scale build up in your toilet bowl. Reducing fungus, mildew, bacteria and unsightly stains, one treatment lasts 5 years! 2 per pack, each...

    Coopers of Stortford

  15. 1954 Gunsmith Supplies Catalog, Imported Domestic Tools, Frank Mittermeier, 48pg

    Many illustrations.


  16. Car Dehumidiers by Coopers of Stortford

    Place these eco-friendly little dehumidifiers on your dashboard and keep your cars interior dry, and free from mould, mildew, rust and smells. Each reusable bag is packed with moisture-loving pellets that suck up to 140ml condensation from the air....

    Coopers of Stortford

  17. Bristle-Free Toilet Brush by Coopers of Stortford

    At last, a really effective toilet cleaner that tackles the toughest tarnishes, without collecting waste and paper! Made from flexible and hygienic TPR, the brush has a blade head with small nodules instead of bristles, which reaches into every crevice...

    Coopers of Stortford

  18. WC Powder by Coopers of Stortford

    No scrubbing required! Simply scoop this magic powder (using the scoop provided) into your toilet, along with boiling water, and watch it go to work! The moment it hits the water, it starts to fizz, foaming up, to clean right under the rim, without...

    Coopers of Stortford

  19. Lipstick Hair Remover Red by Coopers of Stortford

    This discreet battery-powered marvel has a precise micro-blade that instantly glides away facial hair, with no pain, burn or irritation. A built in light helps you find and remove any invisible strays, even peachy fine down, so foundation floats on...

    Coopers of Stortford

  20. Sonic Cleaner by Coopers of Stortford

    Bring back the brilliance of necklaces, rings, old coins, spectacles, shaver heads, even waterproof watches. Just add water (and a drop of washing-up liquid if there are any greasy smears) and, in a few minutes, sonic vibrations gently shake away dirt...

    Coopers of Stortford

  21. UV Toilet Bowl Steriliser by Coopers of Stortford

    The science and cleansing power of UV (ultraviolet) technology is proven and so much easier, kinder and more hygienic than chemicals and a loo brush! Attach the discreet holder securely inside your lavatory lid. To deep-cleanse the seat and bowl, pop...

    Coopers of Stortford

  22. Professional Waxed Car Duster By Coopers Of Stortford

    Similar to dusters used by fine and vintage automobile companies, this classic wooden-handled version instantly removes every speck of dust from your car, leaving it with a just polished gleam. The secret lies in its soft cotton fringes, which are...

    Coopers of Stortford

  23. AudiSpray Earwax Cleaner by Coopers of Stortford

    The fuss-free natural solution to earwax. A 100% natural alternative to ear syringing or potentially damaging cotton buds, AudiSpray is a hypertonic seawater solution which dissolves earwax and restores associated loss of hearing. The 50ml Swiss-made...

    Coopers of Stortford

  24. Charcoal Soaps Set of 3 by Coopers of Stortford

    If you suffer with itchy, dry skin conditions like eczema or psoriasis, youll know that using soap products can aggravate and irritate. Our Charcoal Soap is made using a centuries-old Japanese technique for hand-crafting Takesumi soap bamboo charcoal...

    Coopers of Stortford

  25. Premium Boxed Fabric Care Kit for Upholstery

    Premium Boxed Fabric Care Kit for Upholstery

    The Cotswold Company

  26. Grout Magic Pack 2 by Coopers of Stortford

    This easy-to-use Grout Magic with its sponge tip applicator, covers stained grout instantly, giving a bright white finish that makes it look like new! The British-made formula is waterproof and anti-bacterial to inhibit mould and mildew for...

    Coopers of Stortford

  27. Instant Bond Tape 1.5m by Coopers of Stortford

    Pipes, roofing, gutters, flashings, air mattresses, hoses, awnings, above-ground poolsthis amazing industrial-strength tape can repair almost anything instantly. It even works underwater! With a PVC backing and ultra-strong adhesive, the flexible black...

    Coopers of Stortford

  28. Window Shine Window Cleaner by Coopers of Stortford

    Using just your garden hose you can power off grime from windows, guttering and soffits, fascia boards, motor or static homes and more with both feet safely on the ground. Simply aim, spray and leave to dry for a streak-free sparkle. Containing...

    Coopers of Stortford

  29. Cube RFR Chain Cleaner 2021 Cleaners & Polish

    Type: Cleaner; Operating Range: Chain; Additional Information: Material: Plastic

  30. Frosted Glass Spray by Coopers of Stortford

    Bye-bye prying eyes and nosy neighbours! A quick spray turns clear glass into a privacy window. Ideal for bathrooms, skylights and glass doors, especially during dark winter months. Safe on all transparent surfaces, and also fun for decorating mirrors...

    Coopers of Stortford

  31. Muc-Off Bike Protect Spray 500ml 2021 Cleaning Products Set

    Type: Accessories; Operating Range: Frame, Rim; Delivery: 1 x 500ml spray bottle; Additional Information: High performance formula leaves a dry and long-lasting protective film on all surfaces, Suitable for all frames. metal and plastic parts. rubber....

  32. BBB Sprocket cleaning brush ToothBrush BTL-17 2021 Cleaning Products Set

    Type: Accessories; Operating Range: Cassette, Chain Ring; Additional Information: thick bristles ensure optimum cleaning of the cassettes, resistant nylon bristles, Washable

  33. Easy Camp Elastic Washing Line 2021 Accessories

    Category: Clothing Organiser; Applicatioins: Clothing; Intended use: Laundry drying; Dimensions (cm): 6 x 6 x 3; Additional Information: thanks to the twisted construction, the laundry will last even without clothespins, Carabiners and suction cups for...

  34. Finish Line Chain Cleaning Set 2021 Cleaners & Polish

    Type: Cleaner; Operating Range: Chain; Delivery: 1 x FinishLine Dry Cleaner, 1 x FinishLine Eco Tech II Multi Degreaser (120 ml), 1 x FinishLine Dry Teflon Plus (60 ml); Additional Information: practical set for cleaning the chain, effective and quick...

  35. Mrs Cooper's Instant Thaw by Coopers of Stortford

    Theres no dangerous scraping, chipping or bowls of hot water required. This freezer defroster has a simple odourless formula that gets to work fast to remove ice build-up from inside fridges and freezers. Just spray and watch it melt away. 300ml.

    Coopers of Stortford

  36. VAR RL-96200 Gear Cleaning Brush 2021 Cleaning Products Set

    Type: Accessories; Designed for E-Bikes: yes; Operating Range: Chain, Cassette, Chain Ring, Gears; Delivery: 1 x VAR RL-96200 Gear Cleaning Brush

  37. Cube RFR Sprocket brush & scraper set 2021 Cleaning Products Set

    Type: Accessories; Operating Range: Cassette, Chain Ring; Additional Information: Material: plastic/nylon, Gear rim scratches for coarse dirt, Brush for cleaning sprockets and chainrings, long durability due to nylon bristles

  38. Sonax BIKE Chain Spray 300ml 2020 Cleaning Products Set

    Type: Accessories; Operating Range: Chain, Cassette, Chain Ring; Delivery: '1 x SONAX BIKE ChainSpray - 300 ml - spray can'

  39. Nikwax TX.Direct Wash-In 100ml 2021 Accessories

    Category: Impregating Agent; Applicatioins: Clothing; Intended use: Cleaning and impregnation; Content: 100 ml; Additional Information: renewed by droplet-effect, for functional clothing (hard shells, soft shells, fleece), retains the breathing capacity

  40. XLC TO-S55 cleaning set with sprocket scraper 2021 Cleaning Products Set

    Type: Accessories; Operating Range: Cassette, Chain Ring

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