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  1. Swimming With Sharks

    Crime comedy starring Kevin Spacey and Frank Whaley. Film graduate Guy (Whaley) has just started working as an assistant to influential Hollywood executive Buddy Ackerman (Spacey). Despite ignoring his predecessor's warnings, Guy soon discovers that...


  2. Swimming With Sharks

    Crime comedy starring Kevin Spacey and Frank Whaley. Film graduate Guy (Whaley) has just started working as an assistant to influential Hollywood executive Buddy Ackerman (Spacey). Despite ignoring his predecessor's warnings, Guy soon discovers that...


  3. Kaspar Hauser - Wesen, Unschuld, Erduldungen

    Binding: Paperback / softback. Contributor: Georg Friedrich Daumer. Format: Paperback. Imprint: Books on Demand. ISBN13: 9783749420681. Number of Pages: 554. Packaged Dimensions: 148x210x31mm. Packaged Weight: 717. Publisher: Books on Demand. Release...


  4. Schindlers List [Bonus Material]

    Schindlers List [Bonus Material]


    Gaslight (1944). Once they have moved in, Gregory, who is in reality a jewel thief and the murderer of Paula's aunt, launches a campaign of terror designed to drive his new bride insane. Though Paula is certain that she sees the house's gaslights dim every evening and that there are strange noises coming from the attic, Gregory convinces Paula that she's imagining things.


  6. 2 Days

    Zavvi - The Home of Pop CulturePaul Miller (Paul Rudd, 20 Year Old Virgin, Friends) has struggled as an actor in Hollywood for years, and now he's had enough... but not just of the show biz life, but everything. In two days, he's going to kill himself....

  7. Snide And Prejudice

    Snide And Prejudice

  8. I For India

    Zavvi - The Home of Pop CultureIn 1965 Yash Pal Suri left India for the U.K. The first thing he does on his arrival in England is to buy two Super-8 cameras, two projectors and two reel-to-reel recorders. One set of equipment he sends to his family in...

  9. Spree


  10. Escape From Sobibor 1987 DVD War History Drama Movie Alan Arkin Rutger Hauer

    As the underground group, including Alexander Pechersky (Rutger Hauer) and Leon Feldhendler (Alan Arkin), devise a plan, they must contend with Nazi officers, Ukranian guards and the realization that anyone apprehended will likely be killed.


  11. Baja


  12. Monsters Ball

    Monsters Ball

  13. The 39th Battalion

    The 39th Battalion

  14. Memories Of Underdevelopment

    Sergio (Sergio Corrieri), through his life following the departure of his wife, parents and friends in the wake of the Bay of Pigs incident. Alone in a brave new world, Sergio observes the constant threat of foreign invasion while chasing young women...

  15. The Horse Whisperer DVD (2001) Robert Redford cert PG FREE Shipping, Save £s

    Of Discs: 1 disc(s) Studio / Publisher: WDHE UK Release Date: 20 Aug 2001 Edition: Widescreen. When her daughter is traumatized after a terrible riding accident, which also leaves its scars on her horse, Annie MacLean (Kristin Scott Thomas) heads west in search of 'Horse Whisperer' Tom Booker (Robert Redford), a rancher with a magical way of communicating with horses.


  16. Intoxicating


  17. King Lear (Magee)

    Zavvi - The Home of Pop CultureAn ageing King Lear decides to divide his Kingdom between his three daughters, according to their proclaimed love for him.However, when his youngest daughter, Cordelia, refuses to falsely flatter him, she is banished from...

  18. 3 Below

    Zavvi - The Home of Pop CultureAcademy Award winner Ernest Borgnine is the mastermind behind this suspenseful murder-mystery - based on a true story about a peaceful Vermont farming valley that was flooded to create a luxurious lake resort. At the...

  19. Lion'S Den

    Lion'S Den

  20. Finding Your Feet DVD (2018) Imelda Staunton, Loncraine (DIR) cert 12

    Of Discs: 1 disc(s) Studio / Publisher: Warner Bros. UK Release Date: 25 Jun 2018 Edition: Normal. Finding herself at a loss and having to start her life over, Sandra moves in with her hippy sister Bif (Imrie) and sets out on a path of self-discovery, along the way recapturing the happy-go-lucky woman she used to be.


  21. The Changeling

    Though the pedigree--a screenplay from BABYLON 5's J. Michael Straczynski--might suggest a science fiction film, THE CHANGELING is a historical thriller in the vein of L.A. CONFIDENTIAL or CHINATOWN and is directed by Oscar-winning filmmaker Clint...

  22. Universal Pictures Sea Of Love [Enhanced Edition]

    Al Pacino gives a critically acclaimed performance in this highly charged erotic thriller. Veteran New York City Police detective Frank Keller (Pacino) is a workaholic living on the edge. Joining forces with detective Sherman Touhey (John Goodman) to...

  23. 4

    Zavvi - The Home of Pop CultureThis collaborative work between controversial novelist/playwright Vladimir Sorokin and young filmmaker Khrzhanovsky comes on like a film possessed, constantly morphing into surreal forms as it careers through its...

  24. TLA Releasing College Boys Live

    Zavvi - The Home of Pop CultureWhen three gay college students move into a suburban Orlando house outfitted with 32 webcams that permit voyeuristic members of to watch their every move, their neighbors band together to get the house...

  25. Citizen Kane DVD (2005) Orson Welles cert U Incredible Value and Free Shipping!

    UK Release Date: 05 Jan 2005 Edition: Normal. In 1940, newspaper tycoon Charles Foster Kane (Welles) dies after uttering the word 'Rosebud'.


  26. Desire to Kill

    Desire to Kill

  27. The Missing

    The Missing

  28. Remember A Day

    Remember A Day

  29. Joshua

    Zavvi - The Home of Pop CultureAfter a decade of being away, Kelby Unger returns to the small Midwestern town of Bisbee to attend his father's funeral, and begins to remember why he left in the first place.Kelby starts to realise that what he tried to...

  30. Ghost DVD (2001) Patrick Swayze, Zucker (DIR) cert 15 FREE Shipping, Save £s

    Romantic drama starring Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore and Whoopi Goldberg. When banker Sam Wheat (Swayze) is murdered he remains on Earth as a ghost trying to solve his own murder and protect his grief-stricken partner Molly (Moore).


  31. TLA Releasing The String

    Zavvi - The Home of Pop CultureClass, cultural and sexual differences are explored in this romantic gay drama set in scorching, picturesque Tunisia. Tall, quiet Malik (Antonin Stahly), a 30-year-old Parisian architect, returns to his homeland after the...

  32. Massive Retaliation

    Massive Retaliation

  33. Tully

    Zavvi - The Home of Pop CultureTully Coates Jr. with his good looks and chiseled body is the local heart throb, and while he has a new girlfriend virtually every night, he's incapable of getting close to anyone. His younger brother Earl, the shy and...

  34. The Descent

    British film The Descent follows a group of friends who go on a hiking trip, but it all goes wrong. Sarah (Shauna McDonald) is on holiday with her husband and daughter, but in a tragic car collision they are both killed instantly, the film see's Sarah...

  35. Brassed Off DVD (2007) Pete Postlethwaite, Herman (DIR) cert 15 Amazing Value

    Mark Herman writes and directs this drama set in North Yorkshire.


  36. Black And White

    Zavvi - The Home of Pop CultureAustralia. 1958. When a nine-year-old white girl is found murdered in a remote cave the local police are quick to arrest an illiterate Aborigine named Max Stuart. Under interrogation Max admits to the killing and signs...

  37. L'appartement

    Parisian businessman Max (Vincent Cassel) is due to fly to Japan when he recognizes his long-lost love, Lisa, in a cafe. He forgets his travel arrangements and becomes obsessed with tracking Lisa down. When he eventually finds her apartment he hides in...


  38. Fellini's Casanova

    Federico Fellini directs this Italian drama based on the life of 18th century author, scientist and romancer Giacomo Casanova. Opening in Venice, the story follows the famous lothario (Donald Sutherland) as he becomes the lover of a nun, a hunchback, a...


  39. Tom Hanks: The Landmark Collection

    Collection of five movies starring Tom Hanks. In 'Cast Away' (2000), systems engineer Chuck Noland (Hanks) says goodbye to his girlfriend Kelly (Helen Hunt) and heads off on a flight to South America. En route the plane crashes into the Pacific Ocean,...


  40. Escape from Alcatraz DVD (2001) Clint Eastwood, Siegel (DIR) cert 15 Great Value

    Escape from Alcatraz DVD (2001) Clint Eastwood, Siegel (DIR) cert 15 Great ValueTitle: Escape from Alcatraz Leading Actor: Clint Eastwood Region: Region 2 Duration: 112 mins Format: DVD / Widescreen Type: DVD No.


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