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  1. stadler form - Tim Ventilator Black Portable

    Don't sweat it! The Tim Ventilator is perfectly portable; on your desk, bedside table, even at the park. The battery pack lasts 24 hours and can easily be charged with the USB cable. A dream summertime partnership. Details: Measures 267 x 285 x 189 mm...


  2. Black and Decker 11 Ultra Quiet Desk Fan

    Key USP/ Features Ultra-Quiet DC Motor 30W High efficiency, low energy Powerful 8m/s wind speed 4 Speed settings: low/ medium/ high/ turbo 3 Mode: Natural/ Normal/ Sleeping Remote control. 7 Hour timer Auto oscillation left and right for 70 degrees...

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  3. Black and Decker 16 Inch High Velocity Floor Standing Pedestal Power Fan

    Black and Decker 16 Inch High Velocity Floor Standing Pedestal Power Fan Features and Specifications Power: 55W Copper Motor. Versatile 3 Adjustable Height settings Perfect for large rooms, personal gyms and garages 3 Speed settings 7 Hour timer Remote...

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  4. Boneco F220 Pedestal Air Showering Fan

    The Boneco F220 Pedestal Air Showering Fan provides superior air circulation, achieving a natural air shower feeling. Features and Specifications: 270° manually rotatable airflow Removable blade cover for easy and low maintenance Intuitive rotational...

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    Mini USB Desk Tower Fan 2-in-1 function clip or desk fan. 6" 2 In 1 Clip or Desk Fan 6" Desk Fan Garden & Patio. We will then advise you on resolving this issue, through repair where necessary.


  6. Xpelair XPP Tower Cooling Fan 66671 - White

    Xpelair XPP Tower Cooling 66671 Tower Fan in White

  7. NSAuk Mini Tower Fan MTF-18S - Cream

    NSAuk MTF-18S Desk Fan in Cream

  8. NSAuk Pedestal Fan SF-1616-BRZ - Bronze

    NSAuk SF-1616-BRZ Tower Fan in Bronze

  9. AMD Ryzen 7 1800X (3.6GHz) AM4

    AMD Ryzen 7 1800X (3.6GHz) AM4


  10. VYTRONIX Tower Fan Oscillating 3 Speed Cooling Slim Freestanding 78cm 45W

    Click here to see description.


  11. Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+

    Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+


  12. Connect 9 32GB 9” W10 Wifi, B

    Connect 9 32GB 9” W10 Wifi, B


  13. Casafan Ceiling Fan, Royal 75 BN cm, brushed chrome, beech blades CASAFAN

    CASAFAN 15 year warranty! Ceiling Fan, Royal 75cm. BN brushed chrome, beech blades Model: "ROYAL 75 BN" Royal 75 is a ceiling fan created by CASAFAN. As always CASAFAN created a fan with very many variants, in this case more than 1,000. As always...


  14. Casafan Royal BN ceiling fan, classic 180 Cm, Brushed chrome, white and gray lacquered blades, CASAFAN

    CASAFAN garantie 15 ans ! Ventilateur de plafond Royal 180 cm Chrome brossé pales laquées blanches et grises. Modèle : "ROYAL 180 BN" Royal 180 BN is a ceiling fan created by CASAFAN. As usual CASAFAN, to create a ventilator which allows to find...


  15. NEW DAEWOO 16" Oscillating Extendable Free Standing Tower Pedestal Cooling Fan

    This tempered glass screen protector for Apple iPhone is a must-have for anyone prone to constantly dropping their phone. The screen protector fits perfectly over the phone to prevent scratches and absorb shocks.


  16. KlassFan Set of 2 Blades Aerodynamic white 132 Cm / 51.9"


  17. Boneco F210 Large Floor Air Shower Fan with F120 Pedestal Air Shower Fan

    Boneco F210 Large Floor Air Shower Fan with F120 Pedestal Air Shower Fan; These sleek, stylish Air Shower fans by Boneco will keep you cool and comfortable this summer. Boneco F210 Large Floor Air Shower Fan with F120 Pedestal Air Shower Fan;...

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  18. NSAuk Cordless Eco Column Fan TFRDC-50RC - White

    NSAuk Cordless Eco TFRDC-50RC Tower Fan in White

  19. Bionaire Dual Blade Tower Fan BASF1016GRC-IUK - Grey

    Bionaire Dual Blade BASF1016GRC-IUK Tower Fan in Grey

  20. Floor Standing Pedestal Fan 16" Oscillating Electric 3 Speed Air Cooling BLACK

    Knight 16" Fan Pedestal Stand High Performance 140cm Adjustable Height, 3 Speed Setting, Extra Wide Cross Base, Oscillating, Tilting Head (BLACK). FEATURES: 1.4m Adjustable Height (Max) and Titling Head for optimum comfort.


  21. Bionaire Stand Fan BSF003 - Grey

    Bionaire BSF003 Tower Fan in Grey

  22. Bionaire High Performance Desk Fan BSF002 - Cool Grey

    Bionaire High Performance BSF002 Desk Fan in Cool Grey

  23. Swan Retro 8 Inch Clock Fan Desk Fan SFA12630GRN - Grey

    Swan Retro 8 Inch Clock Fan SFA12630GRN Desk Fan in Grey

  24. Bionaire Ultra Slim Tower Fan BTF001 - Graphite

    Bionaire Ultra Slim BTF001 Tower Fan in Graphite

  25. Oscillating Fan 16" Free Standing Tower Pedestal Air Cooling Home Office 3 Speed

    Cyclone 16" Pesestal Fan. Poor ventilation will kill plants as surely as a lack of sunlight or water will. 3 Speed Settings. Adjustable speed. Osculating head. Our hydroponic ventilation is affordable and available.


  26. Casafan Ceiling fan modern, 132 Cm. 2.3 or 4 blades white acrylic Casafan

    CASAFAN warranty for 15 years! Ceiling Fan 132 cm. blades clear acrylic white Model: "We Libelle BN " Libelle is created by CASAFAN. Libelle is provided with 4 blades, however, this fan gives you the opportunity to install 4, 3 or 2 blades according to...


  27. KlassFan RedWin from Purline By KlassFan a reversible black nickel-plated ceiling fan with black/red blades and ultra design

    KlassFan RedWin a reversible fan of 107 Cm very modern design with black nickel-plated motor housing and red and black blades with a high-quality finish. Ref: "RedWin" RedWin by KlassFan by Purline is a simple ceiling fan equipped with very high...


  28. LBA Home LARGE SIZE ceiling fan chrome and pine/grey 140 cm/ 55.1" with remote control and lighting

    LBA HOME Modern ceiling fan blades Pine/Silver and detail chrome motor, nickel-plated details, with light and remote control Model: "StellaSilver" Stella is a ceiling fan with modern timeless design, very powerful yet completely descrete! Its forms are...


  29. Casafan Light fixture kit for ceiling fan 3 BA (Antique Brown) Eco Elements, Carribean Dream, satin star royal merkur

    CASAFAN Lighting Light Kit 3 for serie ROYAL, BLACK MAGIC, MERKUR, Rosenholz, PINIE, ACRYLIC, SWINGING, SATIN STAR CARIBBEAN DREAM ECO ELEMENTS version choose in the menu variations. Light Kit lumianire 3 series ROYAL, BLACK MAGIC, MERKUR, Rosenholz,...


  30. NEW! 30" Free Standing 3-Speed Oscillating Tower Cooling Fan

    Stay cool this year with the 30" Electrical tower fan. Sleek modern design. You will be given a free pre paid label to send your faulty or unwanted product back at no cost to you. Easy to assemble - Instructions supplied.


  31. KlassFan Soft by KlassFan - a DC ceiling fan 152 cm/ 59.8", ultra silent, pale oak blades

    KlassFan Soft DC ceiling fan of 152 cm / 59.8", latest generation, laminated pale oak wood blades, humidity proof, very light, Model "Soft 60 Bk-O" " The Soft series are ceiling fans with incredible design, with blades of laminated wood and perforated...


  32. LBA Home White ceiling fan, blades white /maple, 132cm/51.9" silent 4 tulips E27 60 Watts

    LBA HOME Ceiling fan white with white blades or maple 132 Cm with light point 4 tulipsE27 60 Watts led ready. Ref: "Biuk" Reversible ceiling fan (5 blades) with pull chain control and integrated lighting system. Ideal for refreshing the ambient air in...


  33. Casafan Falceto ceiling fan, modern 132 Cm antique brown. walnut blades.

    CASAFAN warranty for 25 years! Ceiling Fan 132 cm antique brown walnut blades. Model: "Falcetto BA" Falcetto PA 132 is a ceiling fan created by CASAFAN. Casafan has a habit of surprising in terms of the quality of its achievements! The body is made of...


  34. LBA Home Ceiling fan classic light brown wood 107 cm ,3 bulbs E27 remote control

    Lba Home Ceiling fan 107 cm. Model: " Gabin brown light wood " Gabin is a ceiling fan with a classic style in light wood brown colour. Ideal for the ventilation of rooms from 15 m² to 25 m²...Motor made of steel silver color, the blades are made of...


  35. New 16" Pedestal Oscillating Floor Standing Extendable Home Office 3 Speed Fan

    Below are the features for16" Stand Fan. Wide Cross Base. Tilting Head. You do not have to give any reason for cancellation. All products are individually inspected before being dispatched, to ensure they are sent out in perfect condition.


  36. Casafan Ceiling Fan, Classic Flat, 103 Cm, silent, polished chrome, walnut / beech bladesCASAFAN

    CASAFAN warranty for 25 years! Ceiling Fan 132 cm. polished chrome, 5 walnut / beech blades Model: "Flat 103 BN" Flat 103 BN. Flat 103, is a fan with total height of 20 cm, the blades are 15 cm. roof, this allows fan installation on almost all roofs....


  37. Faro Modern ceiling fan, 132 cm. white IBIZA FARO 33284

    FARO Ceiling Fan 132 cm. White. Model: "Ibiza" Ibiza is a ceiling fan with modern elegant design. IBIZA guarantees easy installation and maintainance. Ideal for ventilation of rooms 15 to 35 m2. Motor housing is made of steel, blades white MDF . Ibiza...


  38. Casafan Ceiling Fan, DC 132 Cm. brushing chrome, modern, solid wood blades, remote control, CASAFAN Eco Aeroplan BN

    CASAFAN warranty for 25 years! Ceiling Fan 132 cm brushed chrome, solid wood blades, remote control. Model: "Eco Aeroplan BN-132 NB" Aeroplan Eco 132 is a ceiling fan created by CASAFAN. Eco 132 Aeroplan consists of: The fan motor posede various...


  39. KlassFan Modulo by KlassFan - Ceiling Fan DC Ceiling Light Gray Basalt and Wood Ideal for 25 to 40 sqm KL_DC1_P3Wo

    modulo Combination DC1_P3Wo In the small world of the ceiling fans, big surprises don´t occur often, and as the years pass, and designs evolve according to the trends. Most of the brands concentrate on their catalogues with its hundreds of products, of...


  40. NEW 16" Oscillating Extendable Free Standing Tower Pedestal Cooling Fan (White)

    Poly coated anti-corrosive safety grill 3 Speed Setting. Fitted with a UK British Standard BS Approved 240V Mains.


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