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  1. Neck Hammock | Neck Hammock | Head Massager for Neck and Shoulders | Best neck relaxation for home

    Garden and outdoor > Garden machinery > Lawnmowers and accessories > Lawnmower blades FVBJD, Product Information: Cotton< /p> Color: black and gray Specification: 53*20cm Weight: 0.26kg Package List: 1*handheld massager, 1*eye mask, 1*door card

    Mano Mano UK

  2. Redecker - Massage Brush with Knob

    Handcrafted massage brush with knob. Oiled beechwood light bristle.Size: Ø 10 cmMade in Germany by Redecker.


  3. Massage Gun Deep Tissue Powerful Percussion Muscle Massager Cycle Function


  4. Croll & Denecke - Linen Massage Glove

    Linen washcloth, the natural ecological fiber par excellence.Size: 26.0 × 14.0 × 4.0cm


  5. Redecker - Wooden Massage Brush With Belt - Wood

    Wooden massage brush with untreated beechwood, a belt & soft light bristle. Size: Length 13.5cmMaterial: Beechwood & BristleMade in Germany;


  6. NAIPO Shiatsu Back Neck Massager Electric Shoulder Massager Deep Heat UK plug

    NAIPO Massager for Full Body. Neck and shoulder pain can take its toll on your well-being. Anxiety and stress can also be leading factors for tension in neck muscles. Our Naipo Neck and Shoulder Massager with heat is the perfect way to relax and relieve stiff muscles.


  7. Wonder Core EPP Peanut Massage Ball 16x8 cm Black

    This black 16 x 8 cm EPP peanut massage ball from Wonder Core helps you massage your strained muscles, stimulate blood circulation and treat pain points easily. A massage ball is a popular alternative to a foam or massage roller. The ball is an ideal...

  8. Hand Massage Machine Heat Therapy L23.5 x W17.7 x D11.8cm

    Our hands are complex structures with muscles, tendons and over two dozen bones running through them. Over the years repetitive movements and stress can lead to stiffness, carpal tunnel, arthritis, tennis elbow and other uncomfortable conditions that...

    Coopers of Stortford

  9. 30 Speed Magic Wand Body Massager powerful Waterproof 10 Vibration Modes

    This amazing Magic Wand Massager is stronger, quieter and more powerful than ever before. With its sleek smooth body and powerful motor, the Magic Wand Massager is one of the most powerful wands available in the UK.


  10. Neck Massager Fleece Camel

    Wrap this cosy fleece around your neck, switch on and feel it soothe away shoulder and neck tension. Choose high or low-intensity therapeutic massage to tease out knots, relax muscles and ease stress headaches. Softest fleece over memory foam moulds to...

    Coopers of Stortford

  11. Knee Massager

    As the largest and most complex joint in the body, the knee is a common area for problems. Massage therapy can be beneficial for flushing away the fluids that lead to inflammation and swelling. Using techniques similar to those used by professional...

    Coopers of Stortford

  12. Massage Gun 30 Speed Deep Percussion Massager Muscle Vibrating Therapy Tissue UK

    PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Name: Electric Massage Gun Color: Carbon Fiber Type: LCD Version Motor: Brushless Stroke: 10-14 mm Frequency: 4000 r/min Rated Input: AC 100~240V 50/60Hz Number Of Massage Heads: 6 Battery Capacity: 2500 mAh Speed Regulation: 30 Gear Control Voltage: DC 12V Wattage: 40-45W Endurancing Time: 3~6 Hours depending on speed level and pressure alllied during use Charging time:2~3 hours Size: 18.8x24.2x6.2cm Highlight: - Reduced recovery time - Increased blood flow - Clears lactic acid - Releases muscle knots - Breaks down scar tissue - Increased range of motion .


  13. Pure2Improve Cold Massage Roller Ball with Handle

    Featuring a unique design, the cold massage roller ball with handle from Pure2Improve helps ease stress and tension by spreading pressure, which will leave you feeling relaxed! This massager combines targeted massage with ice therapy to reduce...

  14. Full Body Heated Massage Mat - 5 Massage Modes!

    Massage mat: Get your hands on a full body heated massage mat. Remote controlled: Choose the most comfortable setting to suit your needs via the remote control. Material: The inner material is made from foam and the outer is made from spread fabric...


  15. Magic Wand Body Massager Powerful 30 Speed 10 Vibration Modes USB Rechargeable

    Massager is 13.8" from Top to Bottom. 1 x 30-Speed Cordless Massager. SUPER FLEXIBLE MINI MASSAGER. Material: PVC (no poison), flexible head. - that is what the mini wand made of, it is so smooth, exquisite with compact shape that makes you feel great when using it; it is also easy to clean, skin-friendly, safe to use for every part of your body.


  16. Mini Handheld Massage Gun - Black, Pink, Green or Silver

    Speed settings: Designed with four speed adjustments so you can find the perfect speed to suit your needs. Massage gun: Get a mini portable handheld massage gun. Effective: Aims to reduce muscle stiffness whilst helping to increase blood circulation....


  17. LED 30 Speed Deep Massage Gun with 4 Replaceable Heads

    Rehabilitation: Handy to transport, so great for post-exercise fatigue, pain relief and inflammation reduction. Package includes: A massage gun, four massage heads, a power charger and a manual. Safe use: Features overheat protection. Versatile: The...



    Lightweight, the massager is designed to be flat, small, and easy to be carried arround. The muscle massager uses pulsating. 4 types of massage heads can be switched, custom soft massage heads provide a comfortable massage experience while.


  19. Redecker - Wooden Massage Brush With Belt - Wood

    Wooden massage brush with steamed beechwood, cotton belt & light bristle. Size: Length 13.5cmMaterial: Beechwood, Cotton & BristleMade in Germany;


  20. Redecker - 17.5cm Wooden Head Massage Brush - Wood

    Wooden head massage brush with waxed beechwood & metal pins Size: Length 17.5cmMaterial: Beechwood & MetalMade in Germany;


  21. Jade Gua Sha Stone Natural Rose Quartz Face Body Massager Facial Scraper Therapy

    Size :Approx. 8 X 6 cm(Gua sha). Gross Weight : About 40g(Gua sha). Material : Natural Jade Color: Pink / Green / Black / White(Gua sha). 1x Jade Gif Box. Your Smile is Our Happiness - We know you'll love our products as much as we love making them for you.


  22. Redecker - Wooden Well Fit Massage Brush - Wood

    Wooden well fit massage brush with oiled thermowood, horsehair & tampico fibre. The mix of soft horsehair and strong plant fibres tightens the skin. Stimulates the metabolism in a natural way. Size: Length 13.5cmMaterial: Thermowood, Horse Hair &...


  23. Redecker - Massage Brush with 50 cm Handle

    Handcrafted massage brush with 50 cm handle.Oiled beechwood soft, light bristle.Size: 50 cmMade in Germany by Redecker.


  24. 12 Speed Magic Vibrating Wand Full Body Massager USB Rechargeable Waterproof UK

    SUPER FLEXIBLE MINI MASSAGER. - that is what the mini wand made of, it is so smooth, exquisite with compact shape that makes you feel great when using it; it is also easy to clean, skin-friendly, safe to use for every part of your body.


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