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  1. 12kg Labrador Retriever Royal Canin Adult Dry Dog Food

    The Labrador Retriever is a unique and versatile dog, full of charm and joie de vivre. This breed loves physical activity, whether that be through hunting, working or simply going for a walk - it's a ball of energy! Each dog is unique, so this breed...

  2. 4kg Renal Special Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Dry Cat Food

    Kidney problems are common in cats, particularly among senior felines. If your cat suffers from chronic renal insufficiency, you can support it as best possible by feeding it the specially tailored Royal Canin Veterinary Feline Renal Special. This...

  3. Pet Dog Cat Warm House Cave Beds Cats Indoor Cozy Wool Igloo Nest Kennel Bed

    Accessories: 1 S/M/L size gray pet nest. 1 S/M/L size gray pet nest. For your pet friends: Gifts for pets and pet lovers The cat bed for indoor cats designed for you will bring smiles to all those who admire their pets.


  4. 2x10kg Kitten Chicken IAMS for Vitality Dry Cat Food

    This premium quality IAMS for Vitality Kitten Fresh Chicken Dry Cat Food offers your cat the best possible start in life. As well as a high content of valuable animal protein from chicken and turkey (43%), it also contains special ingredients chosen...

  5. 36x370g Chicken & Turkey in Sauce Mega Pack Bozita Wet Cat Food

    Bozita Tetra Chunks in Sauce complete wet cat food is made using premium ingredients such as Swedish beef, pork, chicken and fish and the juicy chunks contain all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals your cat needs to stay healthy. It is enriched with...

  6. Leather Personalised Dog Collar with Name Engraved for Small Medium Large Dogs

    4 Colours:Red/Blue/Pink/Brown Material:Soft Leather with Zinc alloy Buckle Features: [DIMENSION]:We have 5 sizes for this collar. The material is not stretchy,please measure the neck circumference of your dog/cat before buying. [HIGH QUALITY]:The products are made of microfiber.It's soft and comfortable.The buckles and nameplate are made of zinc alloy.The D-rings are welded for great strength and durability. [PERSONALISED]:A special gift for your pets,we offer engraving service for fee,so just feel free Size Neck for Width Total length XS 8-11”(21-27.5cm) 5/8”(1.5cm) 12”(31cm) S 10-12.5”(26-32.5cm) 5/8”(1.5cm) 14”(36cm) M 11-14”(27.5-36cm) 3/4”(2.0cm) 15.5”(40cm) L 13.5-17.5”(35-44.5cm) 1”(2.5cm) 19.5”(50cm) XL 17-21”(43.5-54cm) 1.2”(3cm) 22.5”(58cm).


  7. 2x12kg Small & Medium Adult Lamb & Rice Eukanuba Dry Dog Food

    Eukanuba Adult Medium Breeds Lamb Rice is a complete, balanced food for adult dogs which prefer lamb. It provides the optimal daily amount of protein, fat, carbohydrates, important vitamins and minerals for the health and well-being of your dog. Made...

  8. 10kg Maine Coon Adult Concept for Life Dry Cat Food

    Concept for Life Maine Coon Adult at a glance: Complete dry food: Tailored nutrition for Maine Coon cats 15 months and over Cardiac function: Maine Coons often suffer with heart problems. The increased taurine and EPA content as well as DHA help to...

  9. Pet heating mat XL (90 x 60cm)

    Don’t use in conjunction with a pet bed, Don’t cover anything on a heating mat. -DO NOT use another electronic heating device in conjunction with your heating pad. -One Heating Mat. -6 Temperature Levels to Adjust (86-131℉/30-55℃).


  10. 48x100g Poultry Trays Feringa Wet Cat Food

    Feringa Classic Meat Menu Trays Saver Pack 48 x 100g at a glance: Practical trays: for easy portioning and a fresh meal every time. High meat content of 70%: made exclusively from fresh meat or fish Grain- and gluten-free: contains absolutely no...

  11. 3x2.5kg Mini Mature 7+ Light Chicken Hill's Science Plan Dry Dog Food

    With Hill’s Science Plan Mature Adult 7+ Light Small Mini with Chicken you can help your senior dog to maintain an ideal weight, without feeling like it is every missing out. This dry food has been specially developed for small breed senior dogs and is...

  12. Dog Collar Truelove Air Mesh Soft Padded Adjustable Reflective XS S M L XL 2XL

    The table below shows the range of colours available for each product and direct links to them This guide is provided for reference only. Available in 11 amazing colours; black, orange, neon yellow, grey, red, grass green, purple, brown, fuchsia, blue, and royal blue.


  13. 48x85g Gravy Sensory Feel Royal Canin Wet Cat Food

    Did you know? Your cat’s wellbeing can increase if its food offers more sensory variety. Royal Canin Sensory wet food stimulates your cat’s senses and can improve its feeding experience. If your cat's food not only offers perfectly tailored nutrition...

  14. 6x400g Poultry Catz Finefood Wet Cat food

    Your cat's well-being and good health depends on the food it eats. Catz finefood is a natural, species appropriate and balanced cat food. Each recipe is inspired by nature and is made with all the essential nutrients and proteins that a cat would...

  15. Pet Dog Cat Anti-lick Elizabethan Protective Collar Cone Wound Healing Recovery

    The pet protective cover is made of soft plastic,which is safe,firm and novel in design.It is wrapped with flannel,which will not harm the pet's body.Easy to use. and wounds in the process of healing and healing.It prevents pets from biting the wounds and plays a good protective role.Features.


  16. 10kg Perfect Digestion Kitten Science Plan Hill's Dry Cat Food

    This Hill’s Science Plan Kitten Perfect Digestion is an ideal choice for ensuring your young kitten is receiving all the essential nutrients it needs during the first year of its life. This dietetic dry food has been specially tailored to meet the...

  17. "Fairisle Dog Christmas Pyjama - Multi"

    "Shop for your Medium Chelsea gear on Kitbag! Relax in the comfort of your home, with a nod to your favourite team. Lightweight and comfortable, this is an essential piece of nightwear for all fans."

    Kitbag UK

  18. FRONTLINE SPOT ON Flea, Tick & Lice Treatment For S,M,L,XL Dogs & Cats (AVM-GSL)

    Frontline Spot On is our original flea and ticks spot-on formula, first used by vets, now available without a prescription. It is fast-acting and kills fleas within 24 hours and ticks within 48 hours.


  19. 7.5kg Chicken & Salmon Applaws Dry Cat Food

    Applaws Chicken Salmon Cat Food is a unique complete diet for adult cats. It simulates the natural diet of a cat in the wild in a dry kibble form. Cats are carnivores and their digestive system is adapted to thrive on a diet high in natural animal...

  20. 2x4kg Ageing 12+ Royal Canin Dry Cat Food

    As cats get older, their nutritional needs change. Royal Canin Ageing 12+ Cat recognises this change and has been designed to meet your cat's new needs. As senses of taste and smell can decrease in older age, this kibble has a particularly appealing...

  21. Pet Dog SEAT BELT Adjustable Travel Car Safety Harnesses Lead Restraint Strap

    This pet seat belt is what you need to keep your pets safe whilst travelling in the car! The universal seat belt clip will fit 99.9% of vehicles. It is easy to use with a simple trigger clip that can be attached to any collar or harness.


  22. 24x400g Pure Chicken Adult Single Protein Animonda Carny Wet Cat Food

    Animonda Carny Single Protein Adult 6 x 400g is a high-quality wet food made in Germany, ideal as complete daily nutrition for adult cats. It is made with fresh meaty ingredients and is free from grains, sugar and soya. This Animonda Carny Single...

  23. 24x400g Beef, Poultry Classic Meat Menu Feringa Wet Cat Food

    Feringa Classic Meat Menu Saver Pack 24 x 400g at a glance: Complete wet cat food At least two sources of protein 70% meat or fish content with nutritious offal Species-appropriate and grain-free - tasty recipes with delicious combinations Enriched...

  24. Flea And Tick Treatment For Dog Cat Spot on Collar Fleas & Ticks Puppies kittens

    Effectively repels fleas and ticks, providing much-needed comfort for your feline friend. - Contains Geraniol at 0.9% w/w, a powerful and safe ingredient to combat fleas and ticks. This collar is suitable for both cats and dogs, ensuring your furry friends can enjoy a flea and tick-free life.


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