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  1. Pair Of Lilac Syringa Palibin Standards

    A stunning addition to add to your patio, this pair of fantastic new dwarf Lilacs is just the thing for small gardens or for sprucing up patios and decking areas in a large pot! Ideal for adding colour, fragrance and a beautiful twist on other Lilac...

    Coopers of Stortford

  2. Lavender Ang. Munstead 3L Standard

    Lavender 'Munstead' will transform your garden with colour and incredible fragrance! This traditional cottage garden favourite is a proven winner in UK gardens & ideal as a fragrant container plant or in a border, make sure you plant them somewhere...

    Coopers of Stortford

  3. 10 Green Beech native bare root hedge plants semi-evergreen hedging - 9 sizes!

    10 Green Beech native bare root semi-evergreen hedge plants - 9 sizes to choose from! Green Beech is a wonderful choice for a hedge. It is non thorny and wildlife friendly – providing great habitat for birds and insects.


  4. ProGarden Flower Rack Matte Taupe 50x26x66 cm

    Decorate the corners of your living, office and garden space with your favourite plants and flowers with this matte taupe flower rack from ProGarden! The 2-tier flower stand measures 66 cm in height. It is easy to move around. You can even use...

  5. Garden Wooden Plant Labels Markers with 3 Pens Pack of 50 H4xW6xD2mm Stake H6.5cm

    100% natural way to remember what you’ve planted – and where! 50 plant label stakes + 3 indelible pens Grab this bumper pack of natural bamboo plant labels before the new planting season and plan your garden to perfection. Never again be surprised by...

    Coopers of Stortford

  6. Hawthorn Hedge Plants native bare root hedging quickthorn - choose from 8 sizes!

    Hawthorn Quickthorn native bare root hedge plants native hedging - 8 sizes to choose from! Hawthorn is a delightful plant which forms the basis of most Native British Hedging. Delicate scented white and pale pink flowers from April to June give way to hawthorn berries or haws in the Autumn, that the birds love to eat.


  7. vidaXL 5-Floor Flower Stand 43x22x98 cm Black Metal

    This plant stand is a perfect choice to place and display your plants and other decorative items. This flower stand is made of metal, which is sturdy and durable, ensuring years of service. This plant rack features 5 tiers, providing commodious space...

  8. vidaXL Weed & Root Control Mat Black 2x25 m PP

    This weed membrane will control weed growth effectively whilst allow water through to the soil. Let your plant keep free of the competing weeds with this weed control mat! The weed control ground cover will also help you to improve the landscape. By...

  9. Green Privet garden hedge plants ligustrum evergreen hedging bare root - 8 sizes

    Green Privet evergreen hedge plants hedging bare root - 8 heights to choose from! Green Privet is a wonderful choice for a hedge. This is for top quality, certified and fully plant passported bare root Green Privet (Ligustrum Ovalifolium).


  10. Orange Tree In 6L Pot

    Pick your very own delicious fresh oranges and add a Mediterranean feel to your home or garden! Packed full of vitamin C, these fruits are not only delicious, but good for you as well! Use your fruits in everything from freshly squeezed juices, to...

    Coopers of Stortford

  11. Standard Photinia 'Little Red Robin' Tree

    Photinia is an enduringly popular evergreen shrub often used in hedging, grown for its stunning leaves that are dazzling red when they emerge. ‘Little Red Robin’ is a more compact variety, and this spectacular standard form takes full advantage of...

    Coopers of Stortford

  12. Cytisus Golden Tears Patio Tree Broom Plant Outdoor Garden Plants Trees in Pot

    Cytisus Golden Tears grows well in pots and containers and is perfect for brightening up patios, driveways, and terraces, as well as flanking entrances. Also known as Broom, Cytisus is often grown as a garden shrub.


  13. Pair Of Standard Olive Trees 80Cm

    Bring a warm Mediterranean feel to your garden this summer with these fantastic standard olive bushes. These well-established plants have been professionally grown with a wonderful ball of foliage aloft an elegant stem.Despite their Mediterranean...

    Coopers of Stortford

  14. Hellebore Collection (10 Plug Plants)

    This beautiful Hellebore Collection flowers from Winter to Spring giving you subtle shades of pink, purple, yellow, red & white. These Double Queen Hellebores bring welcome early colour to your garden. Their evergreen foliage means they make a stunning...

    Coopers of Stortford

  15. Pair of Italian Cypress Trees 60-80cm Tall Ornamental Shrubs Evergreen Plants

    Not to be confused with Leylandii, to which they're related, Italian Cypress have a naturally narrow and dense growth habit, growing arrow straight. Preferring a sunny location and well drained soil, they're drought tolerant and easy to look after, and reasonably fast growing.


  16. Eazy Grow Multi Purpose Peat Free Coco Compost (2 X 80L)

    Eazy Grow Coco Compost is 100% peat-free. It is made from the husk of a coconut that was traditionally discarded as a waste product, now repurposed as an excellent compost. Therefore, it is 100% natural, biodegradable and environmentally friendly. As a...

    Coopers of Stortford

  17. Lemon Tree In 6L Pot

    Pick your very own delicious fresh lemons and add a Mediterranean feel to your home or garden! Packed full of vitamin C, these fruits are not only delicious, but good for you as well! Use your fruits in everything from freshly squeezed lemonade, to...

    Coopers of Stortford

  18. Cornus Milky Way 3L plant 60-90cm Dogwood flowering Tree (p&p included)


  19. ProGarden Plant Etagere Corner 3-Tier 85 cm

    Decorate your garden space with your favourite plants and flowers with this corner etagere with 3 tiers from ProGarden! The 3-layer flower stand measures 85 cm in height, and each layer consists of mesh so that water does not remain on it after...

  20. Cane Companions S/5 - Bee Frog Snail

    Cane Companions are frost proof and therefore suitable for indoor and outdoors use all year around. They are handmade and hand-painted using a lead-free UV light resistant product, and are ideal for adding a unique finishing touch and a little bit of...

    Coopers of Stortford

  21. 20 Seeds Japanese Maple Acer Tree sky blue bonsai rare plant home Garden(JPN7)

    For most species, the ideal temperature is usually around 1–5ºC (33.8–41ºF). The crisper drawer of a refrigerator is usually about this temperature. If possible, keep boxelder and Norway maple seeds at exactly 5ºC (41ºF), and red maple seeds at exactly 3ºC (37.4ºF).


  22. Spear & Jackson Container & Hanging Basket Feed 1.5L Concentrate

    Spear & Jackson Container & Hanging BasketFeed is a natural, universal feed for both indoor and outdoor plants. Promotes strong and healthy fruit and vegetables, and encourages abundant, vibrant flowers. Proven to be highly effective, the same...

    Coopers of Stortford

  23. Pair Of Holly Standards (Ilex Mes. 'Blue Maid')

    Just imagine this lovely holly in your garden, where it will add a new dimension to the classic patio standard tree, giving you interest all year round. Blue Maid is a female variety of blue holly, producing masses of tiny, white flowers in spring that...

    Coopers of Stortford

  24. 12x LEYLANDII Hedge Plants FAST GROWING Evergreen Screening Conifer FIR TREES

    Evergreen fast growing hedging plants with dense green foliage. Cupressocyparis Leylandiihedge plants.


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