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  1. Twin Pack 50L Professional Compost plus Bonus 50g Fertiliser

    Simply the best compost available to the gardener today and now with reduced peat! A Professional Mix to our exacting Recipe from one of Europe’s leading blenders, it contains?50 percent composted wood fibre, to open the mix up and get air in to the...

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  2. Freesia Bulb Collection

    Freesia Bulb Collection One of the most attractive and sweetly fragranced of the summer flowers, this specially selected mixture will be supplied as heat-treated corms which guarantees they will flower from the first season onwards. Supplied as a...

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  3. Charlotte Bouquet 123 Flowers - Flowers by Rene

    The beauty of nature is wrapped up in this stunning bouquet as the soothing shades of the blue lisianthus paired with bright yellow roses and freesia create the perfect contrast of colours and textures.

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  4. Haute Florist Crimson Rose & Lily

    Created in collaboration with Monsoon. Crimson rose and lily bouquet represents romance and love. This bouquet is most popular for the more romantic occasions but these fresh cut flowers are nothing short of exquisite. Carefully and beautifully...


    Softwood cuttings. Japanese maples (Acer palmatum) are small, deciduous trees grown for their graceful habit, autumn colour and beautiful foliage which may be coloured or deeply dissected. Hard Landscaping.


  6. Haute Florist With Love

    Romantically perfect, this stunning With Love hatbox is one of our most luxury arrangements that will make a bold statement. An impressive pairing of Cafe Del Mar Roses, Naomi Red Roses, Peach Kiss Avalanche Roses, Fresh Rosemary, Naranja Rose, Natural...

  7. Luxury Single Rose

    Express your love this Valentines with this beautiful Luxury Single Rose gift. A Single Luxury Rhodos Rose, delivered in a stunning wooden case which says Love that can be reused after Valentine's day. We have included a Personalised Card and luxury...

  8. Rose and Freesia Card Bundle

    Complete with free delivery, we have included a delicious box of handmade chocolate truffles and a Stay Home personalised card so you can send smiles and a lovely message to your loved ones and friends. Simply choose your desired design Roses and...

  9. 123 Flowers Superb Roses - Mixed Roses Bouquet - Roses Bouquet - Send Roses - Roses Delivery - Spray Roses

    Our Superb Roses bouquet features beautiful miniature roses with soft, peach petals, dispersing a delicate scent. With approximately 100 spray rose heads, this flower arrangement is sure to brighten any room. Perfect to send for any special occasion,...

  10. 3 Native Fruit Trees - Crab Apple - Common Pear - Cherry Plum

    Crab Apple - Malus Sylvestrus. Cherry Plum - Prunus Myrobalana. 3 Native Fruit Trees. These are native fruit trees and will provide fruits you can use in the kitchen. You will receive the three fruit trees listed above.


  11. 123 Flowers Panda’s Orchids - Orchid Delivery - Orchid Plants - Send Orchids - Indoor Plants - House Plants - Plant Gifts

    Our Dendrobium orchid is a gorgeous and sophisticated plant that will last. The orchid has a beautiful scent with stunning flowers that flower throughout the year. The Dendrobium orchid is easy to look after and is simply a perfect gift to send that is...

  12. 123 Flowers Beautiful Bromelia - Bromelia Plant - Indoor Plants - Plant Gifts - Plant Gift Delivery - Home Plants

    Our Beautiful Bromelia Plant is a splendid arrangement of colourful bromelias presented in a stylish pot (colour may vary). Bromelias are easy to look after and make a perfect gift to send that is perfect for all occasions. Bromelias are a long lasting...

  13. Haute Florist Simply Sansevieria - Plant Delivery - Plant Gifts - Snake Plants - Indoor Plants - Indoor Plant Delivery - Luxury Plants

    This beautiful Sansevieria plant is native to Madagascar and Southern Asia. Also known as the snake plant, this makes a perfect gift to celebrate any special occasion. The plant is elementary to look after only requiring watering once every 2 to 6...

  14. Serenata Flowers Scented Moonlight

    A moonlight peaking through the dense garden greens sends you on a mystical adventure filled with the scent of Freesia, Lisianthus, Asters and Stocks. Face the light and enjoy the magic. These blooms arrive effortlessly in their home through the...

    Serenata Flowers

  15. Dicksonia antarctica-Tree Fern Plant in 3.5 '' Pot

    Dicksonia antarctica. Dicksonia antarctica is the most iconic and popular of large ferns grown in the UK. With an unsurpassed elegance and primordial visual effect it is a plant of oustanding beauty.


  16. Serenata Flowers Sweet Embrace

    Blushing shades of dusky pink Roses, Alstroemeria and puffy white Stocks make a serene display of effortless elegance. Just like their recipient, these blooms charm everyone around them. These blooms arrive effortlessly in their home through the...

    Serenata Flowers

  17. Serenata Flowers Graduation Bouquet

    Say I'm proud of you with this stunning Graduation bouquet made for all those would couldn't attend their graduation this year. Make up for it with this stunning display of exotic orange lilies and flaming red roses.

    Serenata Flowers

  18. HoF Living Faux Lotus Succulent Plant

    Faux Succulent Plant Dimensions: H27cm x W29cm x D29cm. Information Add a pop of colour and organic charm with this succulent faux lotus plant. Made from robust high quality plastic, these faux plants are easy to maintain and require no upkeep, what...

  19. Celebrate - Free Chocs - Flower Delivery - Next Day Flowers - Flowers - Birthday Flowers - Flowers By Post - Send Flowers

    A gorgeous arrangement of carnations, germinis, marie claire rose and stunning blossoms bring it all together. This beautiful bouquet is ideal for birthdays, as a housewarming gift, for anniversaries, and all other occasions.

  20. Strelitzia Indoor House Plant - Bird of Paradise Potted Tree In 12cm Pot

    The Strelitzia more commonly known as the ‘Bird of Paradise’ has vibrant flowering, which mimics the feathering of a ‘Bird of Paradise’ which gives the plant a tropical flair. This plant would be best planted in a pot or a bucket where excess water can easily drain away, the Strelitzia does not cope well with waterlogging.


  21. Gladiolus Bolero Mix

    This is a beautiful and very stately Gladiolus mix with rich, dark blue, light blue and snowwhite coloured flowers. Gladioli are very easy to grow and look stunning, planted in large groups. They are very loved and popular flower bulbs and also provide...

  22. Dahlia Pompon Mix

  23. Daffodil Grace Mix

    Narcissus Grace Mix is a stunning flower bulb collection containing 20 unique, double flowering daffodil bulbs. The pink & white and yellow & white flowers are simply exquisite. Daffodil Grace Mix is not only a real asset to your spring garden but a...

  24. Sophia Bouquet 123 Flowers - Flowers by Rene

    Included in the bouquet are Ecuadorian Da Vanda Black Orchids, magnificent Maurv Memory Roses, Black and Sunset Calla Lilies, Scottish Eryngium Thistle, Copper Ruscus, Pistacia. Our expert florists also selected green Ruscus and Eucalyptus to create...

    Ideal World

  25. Blueberry Fruit Plants All Season Collection Garden Trees 3 x 9cm Pots T&M

    Blueberry ‘Duke’ – a late-season variety producing delicious, sweet-flavoured fruit during August and September. Blueberry ‘Elliot’ – an early-season variety, cropping from as early as July, with delicious firm sweet fruits.


  26. Joyce Bouquet - 123 Flowers - Flowers by Rene

    If you are looking for something different for that special occasion, you will love this elegant bouquet. Going somewhat against the grain with peach avalanche roses, memory lane roses, bouvardia and limonium, we were sure to add copper ruscus for good...

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  27. Regal Bouquet 123 Flowers Flowers by Rene

    Our most magnificent bouquet brought to you from the Flowers by Rene collection is expertly hand tied by our artisan florists! Bringing together the stunning beauty of Rhodos, Sweet Avalanche, Memory Lane, Cerise and Deep Water Roses paired with...

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  28. Victoria Bouquet 123 Flowers - Flowers by Rene

    This bouquet is rich in colour and texture with perfectly paired Naomi Roses, Limonium and green bell (thlaspi) eryngium. The addition of Twisted Willow adds a whole new dynamic to this unique arrangement. Bright and beautiful, send these flowers to...

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  29. Alexandra Bouquet 123 Flowers - Flowers by Rene

    Introducing to our Flowers by Rene collection the Alexandra bouquet! This bouquet is perfectly designed to provide a WOW factor by our artisan florists. This stunning bouquet uses Memory Lane and Deep Water Roses, Oriental Lilies and Eucalyptus perfect...

    Ideal World

  30. Magnolia x soulangeana-Magnolia Plant in 9 cm pot

    Magnolia x soulangeana. Reputedly raised near Paris in the early 19th century, all though it is likely forms of this tree were known in Japan centuries before, it is now the best known and widest planted of the many types of Magnolia.


  31. Hydrangea Paniculata \'Little Lime\' Standard 3L Pot 90cm Tall

    Hydrangea Paniculata \'Little Lime\' Standard 3L Pot 90cm Tall Forget the traditional pastel mophead Hydrangea beloved of sea-side gardens - this sister species, Hydrangea paniculata, really is in vogue at present and \'Little Lime\' is one of the more...

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  32. Trio Fruit Tree Apple/Pear/Plum in 31cm Pot

    Amazing but true, now you can grow apples, pears and plum on the same tree! Expert grafting has produced a single tree that carries these three entirely different fruits! Perfect if you’re short on space, it means that you can grow a range of delicious...

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  33. Dahlia & Antirrhinum - 80 Plug Plants

    A spectacular collection of brilliantly colourful flowers to bring you garden to life all summer long. Perfect for beds, borders and pots, flowering from June until October for a fabulous display, month after month! Supplied as 80 plug plants, ready to...

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  34. Pair 60cm Ceanothus Standards

    Pair 60cm Ceanothus Standards Now you can get that classic look of lovely evergreen trimmed topiary standard lollipop form trees, and combine it with a burst of flower power in spring too. This stunning Ceanothus Repens, also called \'Californian...

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  35. Azalea Japonica Tree | Trees for Small Gardens Border Patio Potted Plant | 2-3ft

    GardenersDream Azalea Lollipop Trees have a bushy habit and are ideal for small gardens, borders and patios. They add a burst of colours with their bright two-lipped flowers. The trees stand upright, against the canvas of silken green foliage, they attract birds, bees, butterflies and other pollinating insects.


  36. Begonia Fiery Shades Tubers & Fertiliser (50gms)

    Year after year, Begonia Apricot Fiery Shades features in our best-selling bedding and basket plants. Why? It\'s undoubtedly the combination of fantastic performance in baskets and tubs whatever the Summer weather, combined with the gorgeous blend of...

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  37. Set of Hellebore Pretty Ellen White (9cm)

    A hardy perennial that flowers from January to April, Hellebore ‘Pretty Ellen White’ has beautiful white flowers with a splash of pale green, providing welcome interest to your winter garden. These beautiful blooms, each around 5cm in diameter, are...

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  38. Set of Hellebore Pretty Ellen Red (9cm)

    A hardy perennial that flowers from January to April, Hellebore ‘Pretty Ellen Red’ has beautiful, rich deep burgundy red flowers with a splash of pale green, providing welcome interest to your winter garden. These beautiful blooms, each around 5cm in...

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  39. Strawberry \'Cambridge Favourite\' (20 Pack)

    Strawberry \'Cambridge Favourite\' (20 Pack) Grow the most popular garden variety of all time. ‘Cambridge Favourite’ produces bumper crops of medium-sized, sweet and juicy fruits through June. Winter hardy; plant these runners up now for up to 1lbs of...

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  40. 25 X Hawthorn Bare Root Hedge Plants 15/30cm. Vat Receipt Provided

    25 X Hawthorn Bare Root Hedge Plants 15/30cm, fantastic fibrous roots. 1 year plants ready to plant now.


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