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  1. Tiger Power Supplies TGR-24V-40W 24vdc 1.7A 40W LED Driver

  2. 400w Delta Electronics DPS-400AB-19 A 704427-001 705045-001 Power Supply PSU

    This 400w power supply unit from Delta Electronics is compatible with various brands and models. It features a noise filtering technology that ensures smooth and stable power delivery. The unit comes in a silver colour with a form factor of ATX and connectors of 24 pin. Its maximum output power is 400W and has a model number of DPS-400AB-19 A 704427-001 705045-001. This power supply unit is an essential component for your computer and is perfect for those who are looking for a reliable and high-quality power supply. It is designed to provide consistent power to your computer so that you can work without any interruptions. This unit is a great investment for anyone who needs a powerful and efficient power supply.


  3. BK Precision Power Supply Test Leads Set for Use with 9115 Series Multi-Range Programmable DC Power Supplies

  4. Laptop Charger 19v 2.1A 2.37A 40W AC Power Supply Fits Acer Models 3.0x1.0mm

    Compatible with a huge selection of Acer models listed below. Acer Iconia W700. Acer Ultrabook Iconia S5 S7 W700. Acer Aspire S5 S7-391-9886 Ultrabook PA-1650-80. Acer Aspire S5 (S5-391). Acer Iconia Tab W700 W700P.


  5. Tiger Power Supplies TGR50-15 15VDC 3.4A 50W Industrial enclosed p...

  6. 5v Power Supply UK 5v Adaptor 5v Charger 5 Volt Power Supply UK Plug 5V 2A AC-DC

    Plug type: UK plug. DC output: 3-24V 1A/2A/3A. UK plug: 80x50x62mm. Power source: DC. AC input: 100V to 240V. Select Adapter from Drop Down3-24V. Power generation: switch. Power: 24W.


  7. 300Ma 600Ma 900Ma Constant Current 10W 20W 36W 50W 100W Led Driver Power Supply

    Constant Current 6W 10W 20W 36W 50W 100W 300Ma 600Ma 900Ma 1500Ma Waterproof Ip67 High Led Driver Power Supply Light Transformer Constant Current LED Driver: They are known for their easy installation and are preferable because they supply the same amount of current regardless of how many or few lights are connected to it.  For many LED applications, it is desirable to utilize constant current drivers. For example,LED Downlight,LED Ceiling Light,LED Display,Project-Light Lamp,Mining Lamp,Street Lamp,Floodlight,Spotlight etc If you want to buy more than 2 pcs led driver.Pls contact us to ask the best price. Kindly Reminder: Please be aware of the positive (anode +) and negative (cathode -) of led products, install accordingly to avoid damage.


  8. Tiger Power Supplies TGR2460 24vdc 2.5A 60W mains dimming LED driver


    These power supplies also work in all countries which use 220-240v. You will simply need a plug tip converter from UK to your countries plug type (which we don't provide). AC Power Type. Regulated Power.


  10. Tiger Power Supplies TGR50-24 24VDC 2.2A 50W Industrial enclosed p...

  11. 22V Mylek MY18VCB 18V Drill replacement power supply

    This is a 22V fixed-voltage MyVolts-branded power supply adaptor designed to meet exactly the power specification of your Mylek MY18VCB 18V Drill.


  12. Tiger Power Supplies TGR15-3 3.3VDC 3A 9.9W Industrial Enclosed Po...

  13. APS 12.0V 3.0A AC Adapter, Power Supply. Model: AD-740U-1120


  14. HP 32V 2000mA AC Adapter, Power Supply. Model: 0957-2262

    Output: 32V - 2000mA. Used, genuine and fully working adapter. Power lead NOT included. Model: 0957-2262.


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