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  1. Thermal : Saunas, Hot Springs & Baths

  2. Nurecover Sauna (Indoor And Outdoor)

    Nurecover Sauna (Indoor And Outdoor). Condition is New. Dispatched with UPS Next Day.


  3. 2L Portable Steam Sauna Tent Spa Slimming Loss Weight Full Body Detox Therapy UK

    1 x Sauna Tent. 1 x Steam Generator. 2 x Steam Hoses. Colour: Black, Blue, White. Temperature: 60°C (140°F).


  4. Hot Recovery Large Portable Steam Sauna Tent Large Full Size Home Personal Detox

    Safety is paramount, and this sauna tent prioritizes it. Indulge in the ultimate relaxation with the ICEBERG sauna's detoxifying benefits. Stimulate circulation, alleviate muscle tension, and promote skin health, leaving you feeling refreshed and invigorated after each session.


  5. Tikkurila Supi Saunapesu - Cleaning Agent For Wooden Saunas - 0.5 Litres

  6. Portable Steam Sauna Full Body Sauna Box Single Person Sauna Tent w/Chair Grey

    4-layered fabric of sauna tent is waterproof, long-lasting and comfortable. Size of Sauna Tent: 91 x 91 x 183 cm (L x W x H). 1 x Sauna Tent. Easy-to-carry handle of steam generator and the folding chair for easy portability.


  7. White 2023, Sauna Accessories Hourglasses Sauna Sand Timer Sauna Hourglass In Natural With Stainless Steel Screws, For Saunas, Steamers, Showers, Baths, 1 Size 2

  8. Tikkurila Supi Saunapesu - Cleaning Agent For Wooden Saunas - 1 Litre

  9. 4ft Barrel Sauna Fonteyn Barrel Sauna 4 ft. | Rustic 125 x 185 cm

    These Barrel Saunas can be assembled within a Few Hours So That that You can Quickly Enjoy this Beautiful Sauna. The Fonteyn Barrel Saunas are made of A-Quality Western Red Cedar Wood. This Type of Wood Provides A Wonderful Scent In The Sauna And Has A Beautiful and Warm Appearance.




  11. VIDA - 2 Person Klassikko Traditional Sauna S-30-2P

    This large glass front on the Vidalux range is treated and designed to keep the heat inside the sauna whilst allowing the lights within the sauna to dazzle. The opposite of the most commonly seen ‘box sauna’, seen on the low-end of the market, comparable to sitting in a modified shed or wardrobe.


  12. firzone Infrared sauna

    firzone Infrared sauna.


  13. Electric Wet & Dry Sauna Heater Spa Steam Sauna Stove Oven Rock Home Indoor UK

    Compatible with single phase power supplies. 1 xSauna Heater. With Rock: N.W15.5kg 4-5cm Rock.


  14. Infrared Sauna 2 Person FULL SPECTRUM Nano Carbon heaters Vidalux

    If you wish to have a high end, unbeatable health rewarding sauna, the Vidalux ‘Full Spectrum’ range is a perfect choice. Built with one single aim in mind – To be the healthiest, most desirable, self-build sauna range on the market.


  15. Costway Portable Steam Sauna Home Full Body Sauna Box w/3L Steam Generator

    With a stainless-steel inner pot, the 3L steam generator allows for customizable experiences with added ingredients such as ginger, vinegar, or salt. The fogging function enhances skin mist absorption.


  16. Portable Steam Sauna Spa Room Full Body Slimming Detox Therapy Tent With Chair

    1 x Sauna Tent. 1 x Steam Generator. 2 x Steam Hoses.


  17. Outdoor Sauna Garden Sauna Barrel Sauna Drop Harvia electric Heater/ wood fired.

    Wet or dry sauna is perfect for a cosy and intimate experience. The electric Harvia heater has a power consumption of 6-9 kW. Other features include non-slip flooring, with or without an outside porch/sitting area, and easy installation.


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