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  1. vidaXL Sauna Heating Stones 15 kg

    The sauna heating stones of high heat capacity and high resistance to temperature fluctuations are a perfect addition to you sauna rooms, providing you with a more convenient and comfortable sauna experience. 15 Kilograms of sauna heating stones are...

  2. Vidaxl - Sauna Heating Stones 15 kg

    Bathroom > Saunas > Sauna heaters VIDAXL, The sauna heating stones of high heat capacity and high resistance to temperature fluctuations are a perfect addition to you sauna rooms, providing you with a more convenient and comfortable sauna experience....

    Mano Mano UK

  3. Outdoor Sauna

    Terrace sauna 160. 28 mm/42 mm, sauna bench material: alder. Floor grates material spruce. Door L 590 mm x H 1690 mm. Roof: black, brown, red,green (colors available), 8 mm bronze glass window. • Electric Harvia 4.5 kw fire and heat resistant plate, drain tap, ventilation holes, Harvia sauna stones.


  4. vidaXL Sauna Sand Timer 15 Minutes Solid Wood Pine

    This wooden sauna sand timer is excellent for timekeeping while you are enjoying the sauna. It is also suitable for gym, bathroom, yoga, classroom and other timing occasions. Heat-resistant rotating hourglass: Featuring heat-resistant glass, this sand...

  5. vidaXL 2 in 1 Sauna Hygrothermograph and Sand Timer Set Solid Wood Pine

    This wooden 2 in 1 sauna hygrothermograph and sand timer set is a necessary sauna accessory for the sauna room. It helps you enjoy a more comfortable sauna. Essential sauna thermometre and hygrometre: It is very important to control the temperature and...

  6. Insignia Shower Sauna Cabin Enclosure LIMITED TIME SPECIAL OFFER 200 x 110 cm

    Stepping inside the sauna enjoy the welcoming sight and aroma of the perfectly hand-crafted premium Canadian spruce interior. Sit back and relax on the smooth sauna bench, perfectly crafted with your comfort in mind.


  7. Benobby Kids - 24 Packs Of 5 Blades For Gillette Fusion Proglide Power Replacement Razor Kit

    Bathroom > Saunas > Sauna accessories BENOBBY KIDS, Features: Fine puff blades for a deep shave. More advanced and more movable razor blade head. Individual spring blades. Microthin slats. Lubrastrip indicator. Spare blades for the razor, small and...

    Mano Mano UK

  8. vidaXL Sauna Bucket and Ladle Set Solid Wood Pine

    This simple yet practical wooden sauna bucket and ladle set gives you a more relaxing and enjoyable sauna experience. Durable material: Solid pine wood is a beautiful natural material. Pine wood has a straight grain, and the knots give the material its...

  9. Portable Steam Sauna Tent Spa Slimming Work Loss Weight Full Body Detox Therapy

    Sweat through wet heat as high as 60°C or calm and center yourself using the slower, gentler settings. 1 x Sauna Tent. 1 x Steam Generator. 2 x Steam Hoses. Colour: Black. Temperature: 60°C (140°F).


  10. vidaXL 5 Piece Sauna Accessory Bucket Spoon Hourglass Thermo-hygrometer

    The sauna accessories including a bucket, a plastic insert for the bucket, a spoon, an hourglass and a thermo-hygrometer is a must-have set for sauna rooms. The bucket is watertight with a compatible insert. The hourglass is a good timer for you to...

  11. vidaXL Sauna Headrest Solid Wood Pine

    This wooden sauna headrest is specially designed to make your regular sauna experience even more relaxing and enjoyable. Considerate design: The gentle curve of this wooden pillow naturally supports your head and neck, allowing you to lay supine and...


    The outside of the sauna is practically pristine and unmarked. The heater that sits behind your calves has just recently stopped working. The sauna is also ideal for warming yourself up in the winter.


  13. vidaXL S-Shape Sauna Backrest Solid Wood Pine

    This wooden sauna backrest is specially designed to make your regular sauna experience even more relaxing and enjoyable. Ergonomic design: Featuring wooden rungs in an S-shape, this wooden sauna backrest has an ergonomic design and supports the natural...


    Search Youtube for video; Sunlighten mPulse Believe Infrared Sauna (HANDS-ON REVIEW). Sunlighten own technician is available at a price of £80- 100 for dismantling sauna. We will give you number to book him if needed.


  15. ***250cm Outdoor Garden Barrel Sauna*** with Harvia Electric / Wood Fired heater

    250cm Barrel Sauna. Length 250cm. 2.5m Barrel Sauna. When you think of outdoor saunas, the classic design of a Barrel Sauna is the first to mind. Your sauna is more than a haven of relaxation. The health benefits of regular use have been proven scientifically, adding to the popularity of saunas in recent years.


  16. Outdoor Barrel Sauna - Hemlock - OPENED BOX (4 persons)

    Last one remaining - Hemlock Barrel Sauna. For a complete outdoor sauna experience, there is nothing else like one of our outdoor barrel saunas. The included electric heater makes it easy and convenient to heat.


  17. Wood fired/ Harvia electric heater sauna pod wood burning garden sauna log fired

    Harvia Electric Heater 9kW. Wood fired heater plus £280. 1 x exterior Harvia light and switch. 1 x interior Harvia sauna light and switch. £3,999 KRATOS Sauna Pod Size S 32amp (4–6-seater) will arrive with ALL features as described below.


  18. Garden cube wooden sauna

    This is our bespoke handmade wooden Swedish cube sauna. Harvia 6-8 Kw Electric heater (depend of sauna size). All we require is a level base for the structure to go on and good access to your garden/patio or yard.


  19. Mobile Sauna Steam Spa Heater Portable Home Electric Body Therapy Stove Outdoor

    This trailer sauna has a sturdy build and is designed to withstand internal and external rigor. The dressing room has a 350mm by 350mm glazing window and a 540mm by 410 mm dressing table. It can also be a personal relaxation spot for family only.


  20. Far Infrared Steam Sauna (08-12-04)

    Laptop, Desktop repair services. Resale of donated goods. At this point, the item will be re-listed. Excess IT Solutions (EIS). In Kind Direct is a charity in the United Kingdom founded in 1996 by the Prince of Wales.


  21. Sauna

    Sauna custom build for myself used outside marine plywood ...inside all alder wood and jade stones plus treated benches an chairs...sauna oceanic with conteol unit and tiner plus electric cables an boxes to main all included...needs taking down and assambled in your location of choice .Tub included in price.Will help taking it down not a problem  if help ia required to build up again we can talk about that no problem.Any questions please send a message.(if purchased test driving it is a must ;)...)


  22. 2.68L Steam Sauna Portable Spa Room Tent Full Body Therapy Detox Loose Weight

    2.68L Steam Sauna Portable Spa Room Tent with Chair Body Therapy Detox Slimming. Humanized Design: Has two samll zippers for you to reaches out to read or use the phone. 1 x Portable Steam Sauna Tent.


  23. 3-9KW Electric Sauna Heater Internal Control Boiler SPA Steam Stoves with Stones

    9KW: require φ3.58mm cable on 100amp switch. Water can be add over the sauna stones to make a steam. Sauna heater can be connected to either 220V, single-phase. Sauna heater should be installed by a qualified person and all wiring should comply with local wiring regulations.


  24. Garden Sauna Panoramic Glass Wall & Unique Stainless Roof 3m L x 2.27 m dia

    Outdoor Garden Barrel Sauna , Stunning Panoramic Glass Wall 3 Meter length, Quality 40 mm Thermowood construction. Large 2.27m diameter Unique stainless steel roof , full length 2.2 m lay flat benches . Outside changing terrace seating.Fully Varnished outside . Choice of Heaters


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