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  2. Prestige Hampers Bottle 'N' Bar Pink Toffee Apple Moonshine - Birthday Gifts - Alcohol Gifts - Alcohol Gift Delivery - Chocolate Gifts

    A delicious luxury milk chocolate and white chocolate slab finished with smashed honeycomb and apple including a tasty Toffee Apple Moonshine, what more could you want! This sweet treat is the perfect way to send best wishes to loved ones for any...

  3. Prestige Hampers Craft Beers - Beer Hampers - Beer Gifts - Beer Hamper Delivery - Beer Gift Delivery - Beer Gifts UK - Beer Gift Sets

    For those who love a good craft ale, we have selected four of the best beers to help celebrate the festive season. Presented in a gift box, it's the perfect Christmas gift hamper to send to family and friends. Included: Hobgoblin 500ml Pedigree 500ml...

  4. Prestige Hampers Bottle 'N' Bar With Lemon Gin - Birthday Gifts - Birthday Gift Delivery - Gin Gifts - Alcohol Gifts - Chocolate Gifts

    A zesty sweet treat you'll want to indulge in. Our Bottle 'n' Bar artisan alcohol and luxury chocolate bar gift is the perfect way to send best wishes for any occasion. Whether it's a birthday, just because or celebration. Our Lemon Gin with luxury...

  5. Home Brew Heat Heating Pad for Beer Wine Spirits fermenter+Thermometer

    It is perfect to use if you need to keep your brew in a spare room, garage of cellar where the temperature is lower than the ideal for brewing. It raises the temperature of 3-11℃ above the ambient temperature.


  6. Highland Whisky

    Perfect for anyone who loves whisky, this gift includes a 10-year-old bottle of Highland Single Malt. The combination of sherry and oak casks give this whisky its amazing flavour. It is stored in these casks for at least 10 years to ensure that every...

  7. Jade C.F. Berger VS 1898 Absinthe Verte

    70cl / 65% - This is Jade's recreation of the Verte Suisse style of absinthe as distilled at the C.F. Berger distillery before its 1910 closure when absinthe was banned. A robust absinthe carefully recreated as a slice of history.


  8. Choya Extra Years Umeshu Liqueur

    70cl / 17% - Umeshu is a Japanese liqueur made with the Ume plum, several of which are to be found in the jar of this extra-aged expression from leading producer Choya.


  9. Sipsmith London Dry Gin

    70cl / 41.6% - Sipsmith’s London Dry Gin is a boutique English wheat spirit distilled with ten carefully selected botanicals, and blended with the exceptionally pure water of Lydwell spring, the source of the River Thames. A classic dry style, with...


  10. Home Brew Heat Heating Belt Pad for Beer Wine Spirits fermenter +Thermometer

    The UK standard 25 watts heat belt will gentle warmth without creating a hot spot. The heat can be regulated by moving the Brew Belt higher or lower on the vessel. Keep your yeasties snug and warm with this simple to use heat belt.


  11. Prestige Hampers Explorer's Wine Case - Wine Hampers - Wine Gifts - Wine Hamper Delivery - Wine Gift Sets - Wine Gift Delivery - Wine Hampers UK

    For wine enthusiasts, there is nothing more enticing than trying wines from all corners of the globe! Send this selection of four wines to celebrate the festive season and treat your friend or loved one to new flavours from around the world! This...

  12. Prestige Hampers Bottle 'N' Bar Pink Marshmallow Moonshine - Birthday Gifts - Birthday Gift Delivery - Alcohol Gifts - Chocolate Gifts

    A beautiful pink marshmallow moonshine with luxury single white chocolate bar hand finished with raspberry and pink glitter. Ideal to treat a friend or loved on for their birthday, graduation or just because. Let them indulge in their favourite...

  13. Prestige Hampers Bottle 'N' Bar Heart Pink Gin - Birthday Gifts - Gin Gifts - Alcohol Gifts - Chocolate Gifts - Birthday Gift Delivery

    Treat a friend or loved one to a gift they will love, our Bottle 'N' Bar gift is the perfect way to show them how much you care. Artisan alcohol and luxury chocolate, a delicious Pink Gin in a cute heart-shaped bottle, placed in a delicious white...

  14. Prestige Hampers Bottle 'N' Bar Pink Gin - Birthday Gifts - Send Birthday Gifts - Gin Gifts - Alcohol Gifts - Chocolate Gifts

    Perfect for any occasion, this wonderful Bottle 'N' Bar treat is a delight they will adore. This gift includes a bottle of Pink Gin placed into a luxury white chocolate bar, finished with raspberries.

  15. Stick on Thermometer for Home Brew 2C TO 36C Beer Spirits Wine Temperature

    Idea for displays the temperature of the brew. Yeasts & Nutrient.


  16. Prestige Hampers Luxury Wine and Chocolate Gift - Wine Gifts - Wine Gift Delivery - Wine Gift Sets - Wine Hampers - Wine Hamper Delivery

    We have selected the finest wine and salted caramel chocolate from the Yorkshire valley to make an exquisite gift. This is a gift with a difference for that special occasion! Not only will it make them smile the moment it arrives, but it will also make...

  17. Prestige Hampers Roses and Gin - Gin Gifts - Gin Gift Sets - Gin Gift Delivery - Gin Hampers - Gin Hamper Delivery - Gin and Rose Plant

    The perfect gift for anyone who enjoys gin and tonic. This gift includes a beautiful rose plant in an exquisite zinc pot. We have paired this plant with a refreshing gin & tonic scented candle as well as a bottle of Elegant Gin (5cl) and a bottle of...

  18. Prestige Hampers Happy Birthday Beer & Pie - Pie Gifts - Pie Gift Delivery - Pie Hampers - Pie and Beer Gifts - Pie Hamper Delivery

    Looking for a birthday gift they will remember? Why not send them the tastiest Steak and Ale pie we are positive will be the best they have ever tasted! Premium local beef steak and all butter pastry make this one they will remember. Also included is a...

  19. Prestige Hampers Bottle 'N' Bar Mermaid Pink Gin Hamper - Gift Basket - Prestige Hampers

    Introducing our new Bottle 'N' Bar Mermaid Pink Gin with a luxury white chocolate slab finished with raspberries. This gift is perfect to send to loved ones for their birthday or special celebrations. 38% VOL Warning: This product contains alcohol and...

  20. Oak Chips for Home Brew Beer Spirit Wine Choice of type and size FREE DELIVERY

    Before the production process, the tree is naturally seasoned in the open space for a minimum of 18 months. Before processing, the wood is naturallyaged for a minimum of 18 months. They give the distillates anunusual aroma and beautiful color.


  21. Pierre Huet Vielle Reserve Calvados / Half Bottle

    35cl / 40% - Half-bottle of this delightful long-aged Calvados that is matured in oak for eight years. It’s fresh, floral and light, with refreshing green-apple notes, a touch of mint and pepper and a richer finish of salted butter caramel. This would...


  22. Pojer e Sandri Grappa di Rosso Faye / Half Litre

    50cl / 48% - Pojer e Sandri's Grappa di Rosso Faye is a Bordeaux blend of pomace from Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet France and Merlot. This is an intense grappa with notes of spice, redcurrants and plenty of kick.


  23. Bayou Spiced Rum

    70cl / 40% - A Louisiana spiced rum inspired by Creole baking traditions. A special blend of Creole baking spices is infused into Bayou's rum for up to 30 days, resulting in a spirit with sweet cinnamon and banana aromas, followed by flavours of...


  24. Karukera 2011 Sherry Cask Rum / Velier 70th

    70cl / 54.1% - Part of the Four Daughters range, bottled in honour of Velier's 70th birthday, this bottling of Karukera rum from Guadeloupe is named 'For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her' after the Simon and Garfunkel song. It was distilled in 2011 and...


  25. Oak Chips for Wine Beer Spirit Cherry Chestnut Juniper Vanilla Mocca Rum Whisky

    The petals have an excellent aroma and properties. They are useful for creating your own cognac, whiskey and vodka. For flavoring alcohol in the production of dry vodkas, juniper vodkas and tinctures, gin.


  26. Belvedere Vodka / Gift Box

    70cl / 40% - A gift-boxed bottle of glorious quadruple-distilled rye vodka of extraordinary purity, Belvedere is as well known for its beautiful bottle as for its quality. A style-bar favourite.


  27. Tarquin's Rhubarb and Raspberry Gin / Half Bottle

    35cl / 38% - A half bottle of the modern-twist on a fruity gin from the Tarquin's ginsmiths in Cornwall, which adds rhubarb and raspberry to their regular recipe of 12 botanicals – loading on extra fruity goodness without losing that classic dry-gin...


  28. Pollination Gin

    50cl / 45% - Pollination Gin is made with 29 botanicals including 19 which are locally foraged, including chamomile, lemon balm, rowan berry and bramble. Others are obtained from the foothills of Mount Snowdon and around the Welsh county of Gwynedd. A...


  29. Hattiers Egremont Rum Blended Traditionalist Rum

    70cl / 40% - A fruity, sweet rum from Hattiers, Egremont is a blend of rums from Barbados, Panama, Guatemala and the Dominican Republic that offers notes of caramel, toffee, cinnamon, nutmeg, apricot, black pepper and dark chocolate on the palate.


  30. 220V 30W 15mmx1m Heating Belt Heat Pad For Home Brew Wine Beer Spirit Pail UK

    Power: 30W. The heat can be regulated by moving the brew belt higher or lower on the vessel. Voltege: 220V. Plug: BS plug. Due to light and screen setting difference, item's color may be slightly different from the pictures.


  31. Maestro Dobel Silver Tequila

    70cl / 40% - Maestro Dobel Silver is a double-distilled Tequila which, unusually, isn't rested and is bottled straight from the still with only water added to dilute it to drinking strength. A superb, complex, cocktail ingredient.


  32. Rusty Rabbit Spirits Sampler Tasting Set / 6x5cl

    30cl / 47.3% - A set of six 5cl samples including one of each of the following: Seven Three Distilling Marigny Moonshine, Blinking Owl Bourbon, Blinking Owl Rye, Filibuster Dual Cask Straight Bourbon Whiskey, Filibuster Single Estate Single Barrel...


  33. Sadler’s Peaky Blinder Irish Whiskey Blended Irish Whiskey

    70cl / 40% - An Irish whiskey created by Sadler's Ales in Birmingham to accompany its Peaky Blinder beer. Harking back to Brum's colourful 1920s' post-war past and the Anglo-Irish Peaky Blinders gang, it's a small-batch, triple-distilled, blended Irish...


  34. Circumstantial Wheat Spirit

    70cl / 48% - A sweet and creamy wheat spirit from Circumstance distillery in Bristol, made with 83% Bavarian wheat and 17% malted barley, before being matured in English chestnut casks.


  35. American Oak Chips Medium Roasted 100g For Home Brew Beer Spirit Wine Making

    Spirit and Liqueur Making. Wine Making. Spirit Essences & SmartStill. 20p coin is for scale only. 20p coin is for scale only. Other Channel Islands use UK > Highland/Islands options. The longer left to age the stronger the vanilla notes will be.


  36. Citadelle French Gin

    70cl / 44% - A delicate, aromatic French gin distilled in small Charentais pot stills using a mixture of 19 botanicals, including locally grown juniper, as well as citrus fruits, cinnamon and flowers.


  37. Rochelt Gravensteiner (Apple) 2007 / Half Bottle

    35cl / 50% - A half bottle of vintage Gravenstein Apple brandy from boutique Austrian producers Rochelt. This is a very juicy and highly aromatic variety, which has been distilled and aged for a minimum of six years for a round and soft flavour.


  38. Isfjord Whisky #2 / Peated Danish Single Malt Whisky

    50cl / 42% - #2 is the lightly peated release from Denmark's Isfjord. Matured in bourbon barrels, finished in new oak and bottled with ice water from Greenland, this is fruity and gently smoky with notes of caramel, chocolate and vanilla.


  39. Fallen Angel DT2 Herbal Spirit

    70cl / 44.7% - A superb ultra-premium herbal spirit from Fallen Angel, presented in a devil's-skull bottle.


  40. Retro Sign Motor Spirits Beers Garage Cave Bar Cafe. 30cm x 20cm GULF HEUER

    NO pricing gimmicks.the price is for the 30cm x 20cm sign. Folded edges for sharp edges. Holes in each corner to assist hanging.


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