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  1. FCS - 6 Ft Freedom Leash Orange
  2. Baader 50.4 mm luminance UV-IR blocking filter
  3. Euromex Objective AE.3114, S100x/1.25, w.d. 0,18 mm, PL IOS infinity, plan (Oxion)
  4. Motic Objective LM BD PL, CCIS, LM, plan, achro, BD, 50x/0.55, w.d.7.2mm (AE2000 MET)
  5. F7DD Adjustable Beam Lights Dj Equipment Stage Lamp Disco Party Laser Projector
  6. Lunt Solar Systems Filters LS 50F Ha H-Alpha filter set for 1200mm focal length
  7. Berlebach Tripod Wall stand with sliding column
  8. Berlebach 160 Quick release connector (without quick-change plate)
  9. StarLight Opto-Electronics Stand column MSL1, mit Auflicht (ohne LED-Module)
  10. Strand lighting, stage lighting, theatre lighting, used dj equipment, events
  11. Euromex NZ.1702-GEMF, NexiusZoom, 6.5x to 55x, 30W 6V HAL, 7W fluorescent gas-discharge, bino
  12. Motic Epi-illuminator 12V/50W external lamp house
  13. Manfrotto MT057C3 3-segment tripod
  14. Euromex Objective AE.3179, 100x/0.80, w.d. 2,1 mm., PL-M IOS infinity, plan, semi, apochromatic (Oxion)
  15. DAC3 Dj Equipment Stage Lamp Disco Light Wedding Supplies Beam Lights Party
  16. Manfrotto MT057C4 4-segment tripod
  17. Euromex Objective AE.3156, S100x/1,28, w.d. 0,21 mm, PL-FL IOS infinity, plan, semi-apochromatic (Oxion)
  18. Euromex Objective BS.8500, E-Plan Phase EPLPHi S100x/1.25 oil immersion, w.d. 0.36 mm (bScope)
  19. StarLight Opto-Electronics RL1-40 NW, natur-weiß (5.600 K), Ø 26mm
  20. 4 x studio due archiled 150, stage lighting, ip rated, dmx, used dj equipment
  21. Motic Objective 100X / 1.3, wd 0.25mm, CCIS, PL APO, plan, apochrom., infinity, S , Oil (BA410E, BA310)
  22. Motic Objective LM PL, CCIS, LM, plan, achro, 10X/0.3, w.d.17.5mm (AE2000 MET)
  23. Lunt Solar Systems Filters LS 50F Ha H-Alpha filter set for 600mm focal length
  24. Motic Objective 100X / 1.30, wd 0.1mm, CCIS, PL UC FL, plan, fluo, infinity, (BA410E, BA310)
  25. Beam Lights Stage Lamp Stage Lights Disco Party Dj Equipment KTV Moving Head
  26. Motic Objective PL, plan, achro, 100x/1.25, S , Oil, w.d. 0.15 mm (RedLine200)
  27. Motic Objective LM PL , CCIS, LM, plan, achro, 50x/0.55, w.d.8.4mm (AE2000 MET)
  28. Euromex Objective IS.7740, 40x/0.65, wd 0,37 mm, PLPH, plan, phase, S (iScope)
  29. Astro Electronic Stabilized power supply unit, adjustably 0 to 30V
  30. Safety Cable Steel Wire Stage Light Safety Ropes Security Cable Equipment
  31. Motic Objective SP semiplan achro, 40X/0.65, S, w.d=0.45mm (RedLine200)
  32. Euromex Objective DX.7740, 40x/0.65 PLPHi, plan, phase, infinity, S (Delphi-X)
  33. Manfrotto Aluminium tripod MK290LTA3-V with Befree live video head
  34. Manfrotto 2-way-panheads 509HD Pro Fluid video tilt head with 100mm half ball and 509PLONG
  35. Beam Lights Stage Lights Stage Lamp Dj Equipment Disco Party Wedding Supplies
  36. StarLight Opto-Electronics RL1-10 NW, natur-weiß (5.600 K) Ø 20mm
  37. Euromex Objective 86.554, 20x/0,45, w.d. 2,1 mm, PL-FL IOS , plan, fluarex (Oxion)
  38. Motic Insert with 530nm LED plus EX: 532-33, D 575LP, B 590LP (BA-210) filter combination
  39. Motic Objective EC PL, CCIS, plan, achro, 100x/1.2, S, Oil w.d. 0.15mm (BA-210)
  40. 2 X LED RGB PAR CAN Lights Disco DJ Stage Equipment Lighting Party Music DMX-512
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