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  1. vidaXL Floating Lamps 6 pcs LED for Pond and Pool

    This floating solar ball light sets are perfect addition to any pool, pond or fountain. The LED ball lights come complete with solar panels with ground spikes. You only need to do simple and easy installation. Each solar ball light is made of durable...

  2. vidaXL Above Ground Pool Vacuum Cleaner

    This pool vacuum is simple to set up and easy to use. It includes 4 connectors and connection hose, which allow cleaner to fit most brands of the above-ground pool. Just attach to your filter pump with 1 of the included adapters and start cleaning....

  3. ChlorForce M15 - Liquid Chlorine for Swimming Pools, Spa, Hot Tubs- 4 x 5 Litres

    ChlorForce M15 is to be added at the required dosage level directly to the pool, ensuring that the product is distributed as evenly as possible. Circulate for as long as possible. Free Chlorine levels must be maintained at between 1-3ppm.


  4. vidaXL Pool Covers 2 pcs for 360-367 cm Round Above-Ground Pools

    These pool covers are designed for the round, above-the-ground swimming pools. They will keep your pool free of dirt insects and debris when it is not in use. Made of polyethylene, the pool cover weighs 90 g/sqm, which is tear-resistant and...

  5. Bestway - Opalite 3.6m round tubular above-ground, wooden effect swimming pool with filter pump,

    Garden and outdoor > Swimming pools and hot tubs > Swimming pools > Steel frame pools BESTWAY, TritechTriple-layer liner - Tritech technology Pump and filter cartridge supplied Patch repair kit included Stylish pool complete with rust-prevention system...

    Mano Mano UK

  6. CHLORINE TABLETS for Hot Tub 20g Spa Tubs Swimming pools Paddling Pool

    PADDLING POOL CHLORINE TABLETS. lid maybe blue or white. CHLORINE TABLETS FOR PADDLING POOL. Check the level regularly with a Test Kit and maintain a chlorine residual of between 2-3mg/litre. HOT TUB CHLORINE TABLETS 20g.


  7. 5 Pack Air Stones Compatible with biOrb Aquarium Tank Filter Kits - Pisces

    Animal care > Fish tanks and aquariums > Aquarium filters > Filter media, foam and replacement cartridges PISCES, Key Features Pack of 5 compatible biOrb airstones. High Quality materials that work effectively in the biOrb tank Suitable replacement for...

    Mano Mano UK

  8. Alice's Garden - Natural polyrattan surround for square hot tub with cabinet, shelf and footstep

    Garden and outdoor > Swimming pools and hot tubs > Hot tub accessories > Hot tub furniture ALICE'S GARDEN, Enhance your hot tub experience with our timeless polyrattan hot tub surround structure. It allows you to keep all your accessories within easy...

    Mano Mano UK

  9. Castle Hot Tubs Stabilised Chlorine Granules Swimming Pools Chemicals Spas

    Stabilised Chlorine Granules for Swimming Pools, Spas & Hot Tubs. Chlorine Granules that are Fast Dissolving Multifunctional & Stabilised. Fast Dissolving Multifunctional Stabilised chlorine granules.


  10. Bestway Pool Ground Cloth Flowclear 396x396 cm

    The Flowclear pool ground cloth from Bestway is designed to protect your above ground pool from wear and tear caused by pebbly turf, pointy twigs and other ground debris. The ground cloths are simply placed on the spot you plan to set up your Bestway...

  11. vidaXL Pool Cover Silver 356 cm PE

    Extend your swimming season with our solar pool cover! This solar pool cover sits directly on the water surface, inside your pool´s edges; and can thereby raise the temperature of your pool water by up to 1°C, depending on the amount of direct...

  12. Bromine or Chlorine Cool Hot Tub Duck Tablet Dispenser Spa Swimming Pools Float

    Dispense chlorine and bromine into your hot tub or swimming pool with this cool duck dispenser from Happy Hot Tubs. Cool Floating duck dispenser for chlorine or bromine tablets. What size tablets does this hold ?.


  13. Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Pillow 25x19.5x17.5 cm

    The Bestway Lay-Z-Spa Pillow makes your relaxation in the pool even more comfortable! The comfortable pillow provides head and neck support as you relax after a hard day. Organic foam is 100% waterproof and resistant to chemicals and odors. This pillow...

  14. vidaXL Swimming Pool Cleaner

    This pool cleaner will automatically hunt down and eradicate dirt, leaving your swimming pool brilliantly clean. Its suction power is enough to pick up everything from dirt and bugs to pebbles and twigs. The unit is quick and easy to install. Simply...

  15. Happy Hot Tub Foot Bath Swimming Pool Spa Keep Grit Out Tubs Clean Feet Pools

    Clean hot tub?. But still can't get that last bit of grit out of the bottom?. This great footbath will keep the dirt out of your hot tub, paddling pool or spa before it gets near your pool or spa. Simply fill the foot bath with fresh water and sit it next to your pool or hot tub.


  16. vidaXL Outdoor Solar Shower with Shower Head and Faucet 35 L

    This solar shower allows you to take a refreshing shower in your garden or by your pool before or after swimming. Our shower can be easily connected to your garden hose for cold water supply. Then the solar energy it absorbed can warm the water inside...

  17. vidaXL Pool Vacuum Cleaner 1.2m

    The cleaner is able to provide a perfect effect to lift debris off the floor, which helps your water garden and swimming pool remain sludge and deposits free. By connecting it to a garden hose, a vacuum is created, therefore, water, mud and debris...

  18. Chlorine Bromine Floating Dispenser for Spas Hot tubs Pools 5" 20g Tablet

    Chlorine & Bromine Dispenser for 20g Tablets! This floating dispenser is for use with bromine and chlorine tablets. FLOATING DISPENSER for hot tubs, spas and pools. Suitable for all types of hot tubs and swimming pools, including all inflatables pools and hot tubs.


  19. vidaXL Garden Shower Poly Rattan WPC

    Have a refreshing shower in the open air in your garden with our poly rattan garden shower. This stylish garden shower has a PE rattan made post and a WPC floor. Both materials are known for their weather resistance and durability. Being able to...

  20. Bestway Pool Vacuum Cleaner AquaCrawl 58212

    The Bestway AquaCrawl Pool Vacuum is simple to set up and easy to use. Just attach to your filter pump with 1 of the included adapters and start cleaning. Debris is sucked into a removable and reusable leaf bag. The vacuum set contains 4 lightweight...

  21. 5kg Chlorine Granules For Swimming Pools Spas and Hot Tubs

    EASY TO FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS: included with the granules help you select the correct amount to apply for the desired increase in chlorine level. FAST DISSOLVING GRANULES: get to work instantly - no more waiting around for hours for tablets to dissolve.


  22. vidaXL Pool Sand Filter with 6 Position Valve Blue 660 mm

    By virtue of sand as a filter medium, this pool sand filter is effective in filtering and purifying the water of your pool. This is a very economical and low-maintenance option to keep your pool water pristine. By means of sand as a filter medium, this...

  23. Costway - Swimming Pool Ladder 2-step Safe Handrail Escalator with Anti-Slip Steps 200KG

    Garden and outdoor > Swimming pools and hot tubs > Pool safety and security > Pool ladders COSTWAY, Enjoy the great convenience provided by this swimming pool ladder! Made of stainless steel, our pool ladder is not only strong enough to bear the weight...

    Mano Mano UK

  24. 500g / 1Kg / 2Kg / 5Kg Chlorine Granules For Hot Tubs, Spas & Swimming Pools

    This way you can see much better when the granules have dissolved fully. To increase Chlorine levels by 1ppm add 2g of granules per 1000 litres of water (e.g 14g for 7000 litres of water). Optimum levels of chlorine for Pools is between 1 and 3ppm (parts per million) and between 3 and 5ppm for spas and hot tubs.


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