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  1. 10kg Salmon Purina Pro Plan Adult 1+ Vital Functions Dry Cat Food

    Purina Pro Plan Adult 1+ Vital Functions - Salmon has been specially developed to meet your cat’s specific nutritional and energy needs throughout its life, ensuring a long, healthy and happy lifestyle with plenty of delicious fresh salmon for...

  2. 10kg Grain-Free Chicken & Fish Yarrah Organic Dry Cat Food

    No matter whether your cat is a curious kitten, active outdoors type or sensitive feline with digestive problems, this Yarrah Organic Grain Free with Organic Chicken Fish is the perfect choice! The grain-free recipe of this kibble makes it suitable for...

  3. 51cm Cat Tree Kitty Activity Centre w/ Top Bed, Toy Ball, Sisal Scratching Post

    This PawHut cat tree tower will be your pet's go-to spot. There's also toy balls, which keep them distracted when feeling playful. Once they're tired, they have a top bed, covered in soft plush fabric, along with a thick, washable cushion for added cosiness.


  4. 48x85g Ageing +12 in Gravy Royal Canin Wet Cat Food

    Royal Canin wet food in pouches is an ideal supplement to Royal Canin dry food. It is based on the same philosophy as all other Royal Canin innovations: It is all about your pet’s wellbeing. The recipes with tender chunks of meat in a delicious gravy...

  5. 400g Salmon Sterilised Cats Concept for Life Dry Cat Food

    Concept for Life Sterilised Cats - Salmon dry cat food at a glance: Complete dry food: Tailored nutrition for neutered cats 1 year and over Effective weight control: The increased protein content in combination with L-carnitine as well as adjusted fat...


    Height (after assembly): 41cm. Material Sisal. Gives your cat hours of pleasure. PET CAT DOG REPELLENT POWDER SPRAY ANIMAL NON TOXIC NATURAL FOR GARDEN PATIO NEW. Health & Beauty. Baby & Toddler. They can also help to ensure that adverts you see online are more relevant to you and your interests.


  7. 2x7.5kg Adult Chicken & Duck Applaws Dry Cat Food

    Applaws Dry Cat Food is a unique complete diet for adult cats. It simulates the natural diet of a cat in the wild in a dry kibble form. Cats are carnivores and their digestive system is adapted to thrive on a diet high in natural animal proteins. The...

  8. 2x10kg Urinary Sanabelle Adult Dry Cat Food

    Many cats suffer from a sensitive urinary system, which can cause struvite stones or oxalate stones. Sanabelle Urinary is a balanced dry food for adult cats from 12 months old, that can help to reduce strain on the urinary system, and prevent kidney...

  9. 3 in 1 Bowls For Pet Cat Dog Puppy Feeder Food Water Automatic Drinking Bottle

    Raised Rotatable Cat Bowls : 0-15° tilt protect the cervical vertebrae, 360° rotatable cat bowls provide more space for pets to eat from different directions. Easy to Use Cat Bowls: Detachable parts makes it easy to clean, 4" lip height to catch crumbles and spills.


  10. 10kg Kitten Royal Canin Dry Cat Food

    When your kitten is around 4 months old, its growth starts to slow down but its activity levels continue to be as high as ever! During this time, your kitten requires tailored nutrition such as this Royal Canin Kitten to help support healthy...

  11. 2x1.4kg Turkey Adult Sterilised LiveClear Pro Plan Purina Dry Cat Food

    Pro Plan LiveClear Sterilised Adult – Turkey is an innovative food designed to meet the needs of sterilised and castrated cats. The recipe contains a special protein that has been proven to to bind allergens found in cat fur and skin and to reduce...

  12. CATNIP - Premium Canadian- Rough cut leaf and bud- you won't but stronger !!!

    This is premium Catnip, we don't believe you can get stronger or better quality! Pure canadian Catnip- rough cut so you get the whole plant with lots of delicious buds. Catnip induces a harmless euphoric state in cats that lasts 5 to 15 minutes.


  13. La Digue I Cat Tree | Light Grey 90cm

    Please note: This product might take a little longer to arrive as it may be shipped from outside the UK. Stable, compact and space-saving - the La Digue I Cat Tree is perfect for you and your home as well as offering your feline friend a little bit of...

  14. 10kg Grain Free Turkey Adult James Wellbeloved Dry Cat Food

    James Wellbeloved Adult Cat Grain Free – Turkey is a balanced, complete dry food made with a single source of animal protein and selected sources of carbohydrate. It is hypo-allergenic and cereal-free so it is suitable for cats with sensitive digestive...

  15. Automatic Rolling Ball Dog Cat Toy Active Moving Bouncing Rolling Ball

    HIGH STABILITY: The automatic rolling ball can firmly adhere to the floor during the rolling process, ensuring stability and safety. Item Type: Automatic Rolling Ball. 1 x Automatic Rolling Ball (Battery Not Included).


  16. 7kg Chicken Perfect Digestion Adult Science Plan Hill's Dry Cat Food

    Delicious chicken and digestible brown rice combine in this Hill’s Science Plan Adult Perfect Digestion Chicken, with a tasty, highly-digestible recipe that is ideal for cats with particular needs. The special “ActivBiome+” formula in this Hill’s...

  17. 2x10kg Adult Sterilised - Fish Smilla Dry Cat Food

    Smilla Finest Healthy Nutrition is an innovative High Premium complete dry food perfectly adapted to the requirements of your cat with normal activity levels. The high quality, easily digestible dry food was developed in cooperation with leading...

  18. Fun Pet Electric Rotating Butterfly Toy For Cat Teaser Training Interactive Toys

    Avoid the cat from scratching furniture and floors, exercise cats paw, promote growth healthy for your cat. Bathroom Prank Real Fake Party Pooper Crap Turd Human Dog Poop Funny Joke Poo. Funny Prank Trick Novelty Electric Shock Chocolate Toy Utility Gadget Gag Toy.


  19. Dark Grey Nox Cat Scratching Tree

    Please note: This product might take a little longer to arrive as it may be shipped from outside the UK. If you are looking for a cat scratching tree that is both functional and attractive, the Nox Scratching Tree could be the perfect choice for you....

  20. 2x3kg Sterilised Senior Longevis Turkey Purina Pro Plan Dry Cat Food

    The proven Longevis Formula, found in Purina Pro Plan Sterilized Senior 7+ Longevis - Turkey is developed with help from scientists and vets and can help improve your senior cat's life expectancy and overall health. It helps keep cats over the age of 7...

  21. 7 Step Cat Ladder Complete With Screws & Wall Plugs UK Made

    The ladder is fully assembled and includes screws and wall plugs to mount the ladder to most surfaces. A handmade wall or fence mounted ladder for indoor or outdoor use. The ladder is 42” long and can be butt jointed to create longer lengths (see pictures) it is 8” wide and the rungs are 7.25” long and are set at 45 degrees then secured in place with screws and industry standard water resistant adhesive.


  22. 6.5kg Adult Large Chicken & Fish Grain-Free Purizon Dry Cat Food

    Purizon Large Adult Chicken Fish premium complete dry cat food at a glance: 42% protein content 70 % carefully selected meat and fish 30% fruit, vegetables and herbs Completely grain-free (gluten-free) XL-size kibble Rich in chondroitin and...

  23. 7kg Perfect Digestion Kitten Science Plan Hill's Dry Cat Food

    This Hill’s Science Plan Kitten Perfect Digestion is an ideal choice for ensuring your young kitten is receiving all the essential nutrients it needs during the first year of its life. This dietetic dry food has been specially tailored to meet the...

  24. Cat Dog Red Pointer Light Toy, 3-in-1 Cat Toys Cat Dog Interactive Toy

    Provide exercise and endless fun, satisfy your cat's curiosity and playfulness, and relieve your fatigue cat's anxiety. Easy to Carry the cat LED pointer weighs 30 grams, is small in size and light in weight, and can be easily put into a pocket.


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