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  1. 48x85g All Cats in Jelly Concept for Life Wet Cat Food

    The basis of a long and active cat life is a species-appropriate, balanced nutrition. Concept for Life All Cats – in Jelly has been specifically formulated to provide a balanced diet for all-round care of adult house cats of normal weight, that have...

  2. 10kg Tuna Mature Adult 7+ Hill's Science Plan Dry Cat Food

    Your cat's nutritional needs will naturally change as it ages, so this Hill's Science Plan Mature Adult Tuna has been developed to help support your cat's health and wellbeing, as well as its overall appearance. It contains everything an older cat...




  4. Light Grey La Digue I Cat Tree

    Stable, compact and space-saving - the La Digue I Cat Tree is perfect for you and your home as well as offering your feline friend a little bit of space all to itself. It features everything an interesting cat tree should, including a spacious house...

  5. 2x10kg Chicken Adult Light 1-6 Hill's Science Plan Dry Cat Food

    Hill's Science Plan Adult Light Chicken is tailored to meet the needs of adult cats requiring a reduced calorie content, whether that be due to lower activity levels, sterilisation or other factors that mean a cat is prone to weight gain. This Hill's...

  6. 5pc Mice Pet Cat kitten Toy Gift Play Toys Scratch rattle

    5Pcs / 10pcs Pet Furry Cat Toy Mice Rattle Small Mouse Kitten Interactive Play Fun Toy. Mice Outside :Furry. Mice Inside :plastic. Provide hours of fun and exercise. They provide a healthy outlet for a cat's natural hunting instincts.


  7. 2x15kg Proactive Health Adult Multi-Cat Salmon & Chicken IAMS Dry Cat Food

    Now when you stock up on your pet's favourite food, you can save a bundle! Just choose the flavour that meets your pet's needs to start saving. IAMS is a premium cat food with fully charged flavour and a special dental formula. Ideally balanced...

  8. 7.5kg Senior Chicken Applaws Dry Cat Food

    Applaws Senior Cat Food is a perfectly balanced dry kibble for older cats. The food has been designed with the specific and natural nutritional needs of senior cats in mind. Cats are carnivores and their digestive system is adapted to thrive on a diet...

  9. 11Pcs Cat Anti-Scratch Guard Mat Sofa Protective Cover Scratching Post Furniture

    【MULTI-SCENE APPLICATION】Cat sofa protector can not only be installed on your sofa,but can also be installed on the couch,chair, carpet or love seatmattress,car seats,walls,and carpet. These cat sofa protectors are very strong and hardly noticeable.


  10. 10kg Digestive Care Royal Canin Dry Cat Food

    A sensitive digestive tract can lead to increased levels of gas in your cat's gut, as well as an increased volume of stool. This can all be particularly unpleasant, not just for the cat itself but for its owners as well! Royal Canin Digestive Care is...

  11. 2x10kg Bengal Royal Canin Dry Cat Food

    The distinctive coat of the Bengal cat has earned it the nickname "the little leopard", with the looks of a wild cat and the temperament of a house cat! This Royal Canin Bengal provides specific natural nutrients to support its beautiful coat, offering...

  12. Catnip Cat Toys. EXTRA STRONG! Present or Cat's Christmas Stocking Gift. UK made

    Extra Strong Catnip Cat Toy. Each toy is filled with a good dose of Canadian extra strong catnip. Cats go crazy over this toy! As demonstrated in the photo by my glamorous assistant. Not all cats 'respond' to catnip.


  13. 48x85g Renal Fish Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Wet Cat Food

    General information: Please seek your vet's advice before using this food or extending the feeding period. When feeding your cat with a veterinary diet you should consult your vet regularly for check-ups. If your cat's health deteriorates please seek...

  14. 4kg Persian Adult Royal Canin Dry Cat Food

    The Persian cat, with its unique fur with over 300 shades of colour, is one of the most popular cats in the world. Next to its unique looks the Persian cat stands out with its noble, gentle and friendly nature. Its distinctive coat requires special...

  15. 40 x 85g Whiskas 7+ Poultry Feasts Mixed Senior Wet Cat Food Pouches in Jelly

    Whiskas 7+ Poultry Feasts adult cat food pouches in jelly are specially prepared to preserve the natural goodness and deliciousness of high quality ingredients and will see your cat rush to the bowl faster than ever before!


  16. 400g Ageing Sterilised 12+ Royal Canin Dry Cat Food

    In the later years of your cat's life, you will notice that activity levels decrease dramatically. Senior cats tend to be much happier slowing down and enjoying a relaxing, comfortable feline life in peace. Sterilised cats are particularly at risk of...

  17. 10kg Mature Adult 7+ Sterilised Cat Hill's Science Plan

    As sterilised cats age, they end up with an even further reduced energy need, thanks to their decreasing activity levels. Hill's Science Plan Mature Adult Sterilised Chicken can help to support weight management, helping to ease this stage of your...

  18. Cat toy feather bird refill replacement wand teasers clip attachment Bell kitten

    Feather bird and bell refill cat toy for attaching to wand teaser type toys. It is just the bird on a clip to attach to an existing wand, the wand is not included.


  19. 48x85g Senior Turkey James Wellbeloved Wet Cat Food

    James Wellbeloved Senior is a wet cat food in pouches, specifically formulated for elderly cats. As your cat gets older, your cat's metabolism and nutritional requirements change. This balanced tasty moist food is hypo-allergenic and suitable for older...

  20. 48x85g Kitten Turkey James Wellbeloved Wet Cat Food

    James Wellbeloved Kitten is a tasty wet food in convenient pouches. It is suitable for all kittens and growing cats, especially those which suffer with allergies and nutrient intolerances. This hypo-allergenic cat food is made with only turkey as a...

  21. Cat Kitten Catnip fluffy crinkle ball kicker plush cat toy

    Cat Kitten Catnip plush kicker. Contains catnip and crinkle balls inside. Catnip infused. Price is for one kicker toy. A plush interactive to to keep your kitties amused. 4 Assorted colours – colour may vary on each toy.


  22. 48x85g Instinctive +7 in Gravy Royal Canin Wet Cat Food

    Royal Canin wet food in pouches is an ideal supplement to Royal Canin dry food. It is based on the same philosophy as all other Royal Canin innovations: It is all about your pet’s wellbeing. The recipes with tender chunks of meat in a delicious gravy...

  23. 2x10l Litterfree Paws Ever Clean Cat Litter

    Ever Clean® Litterfree Paws cat litter is a large granule, low dust clumping cat litter ideal for homes with long-haired cats and kittens. Larger granules prevent litter from sticking, meaning up to 3x cleaner* paws and less trailing in the home. Made...

  24. Catnip Toy Mouse / Mice X 2 Packs Of 12

    You get 2 packs = 24 mice


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